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Where's the best place to get gold?

I've been pondering stocking up on gold because I know the dollar is collapsing, and I want to get started on stocking up and getting ready for the downfall of the dollar.

So, anybody have any good suggestions of places/sites to get gold coins? Or any other good suggestions/strategies?

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apmex, ebay


Reviews and comparison sites

Hi All,

I read this post a while back and have been buying some gold and silver for some time. I found a couple good sites you can use as well.

www.goldshark.com is a cost comparison shopping site for online dealers. You can put in a mock order and they show you the cheapest price including shipping and insurance ( which is really a big deal as it gets expensive.

www.golddealerreviews.com is a site where people leave feedback about dealers they have bought from in the past, take it for what its worth.

www.coindealers.org is a great way to find local coin dealers. They have like 3,500 coin shops in the system. Simply put in your zip and do a search.

Hope this helps.

I would like to say thanks to the guy who suggested staying away from under 1 ounce gold purchases. WOW the price for those coins is WAY expensive. And the 1 gram gold bars was just as bad. I stay with the 1 oz gold maple leaf coin. As stated on here they are 24 kt and carry a lower premium than the gold eagle 22kt.

Gainesville Coins

I really like www.Gainesvillecoins.com Great pricing and selction. They also offer secure storage for a very reasonable fee.


I just bought some silver @ APMEX ...

.... yay :)

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone ;)



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In a gold mine.

APMEX works. They are pretty fast, but others may have lower premiums.

According to Cameron

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For the next 24 hours*, you can get the BEST deal on the beautiful 1 oz Heraeus Gold Bars at just $29.99 per bar over spot! Although these bars are hard to find in the U.S.A., APMEX has them in stock and ready to ship at an incredibly low price for any quantity. Guaranteed at .9999-fine, these are among the purest Gold bars you can own. Each ships in an assay card that guarantees the Gold metal purity and weight. Act now! This incredible price opportunity ends Wednesday, April 25th at 5:00 p.m. Central Time.


Ebay stuff there is really cheap and sold by actual people you can find pretty rare coins pretty cheap.Also if you are investing in silver buy mercury dimes from freedom phoenix some profits go to this site iirc.

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I use Apmex. I'd recommend

I use Apmex. I'd recommend silver over gold. Ratio right now is 55:1. Historic is 15:1. Some experts believe that silver is even in shorter supply and that number could one day be 5:1.

Also higher chance of government confiscating gold.

nothing like pre-1965 dimes, quarters, and halves.

Also, I recommend people start stocking up on nickels. Go to a bank every week or 2 and buy $100 box of nickels and put them away. The metal is already around 7-8 cents each in value.

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When investing in PM's...

I learned the hard way to hedge your bets. I was "ALL IN" on silver, which was great when I was buying Eagles at $15, but killed me when I was buying them at $42. Ouch! Presently I'm not over or under. If I had hedged with gold I'd definitely be over(as in a "profit") right now. I learned quickly how much less stable silver prices are vs. gold prices. Now I'm 50/50. If I buy $2000 in silver, I'm buying $2000 in gold.

Considering how easy it's been for JPMorgue to manipulate the silver market in the last year, I'm steering clear until the stock market barfs it's guts out yet again post election this year. There will be a moment when stocks and PM's will drop significantly, then the FED will hit the QE button and all shall rise again, but PM'S more than anything, since it's real money vs. the devalued fiat baloney the stock market runs on. Post election $20 silver doesn't seem that outlandish to me. When it gets down there I'm going to scoop up a barrel full and watch it head for $70-80 in '13 and '14 when the fit will truly start hitting the shan.

My two bits(25 cents)

The absolute cheapest way to

The absolute cheapest way to get gold is to start gold panning. ;-)
After that it would be going to garage sales and purchasing old and/or scrap type gold jewelry and then subsequently making your own gold bullion...


How do you know you are

How do you know you are getting real gold and if so at a good value by weight?

I suppose one can never "know"...

There are 'testing' solutions and products but it requires you to deface your coin/ingot(like scraping the surface or cutting through it, or chemically treating it.) You ultimately have to trust the reputation of the private mint or the government mint. And whatever you do, don't buy silver Panda's from a Chinaman at a flea market! The quickest and cheapest advice I can give you is to go on amazon and buy a $10 scale that weighs troy oz, grams, and standard oz. Plop the coin on the scale before you buy it. If it doesn't weigh what it reads on the coin, you've got a fake on your hands.(obviously)

I like

I like GainesvilleCoin.com

Quick and safe shipping, great prices. Just remember, don't get caught up in mintage and collectible coins. You want bullion, you want the most amount of actual gold or silver you can get for the lowest price.

California and Alaska

I used to pan gold on the Feather River (decades ago). Every winter the rain washes down more that collects in the bottoms. Alaska is a more expensive proposition but has more potential. Finally, gold is where you find it.

Thanks everybody!!!!

Thank you for all the advice!!! Much appreciated!

So I think I'll find a local dealer, and definitely use FRN. Thanks for the pointer on using FRNs for purchasing the coins (Eliminating the paper trail). That's something I didn't even think about.

Also, I think i'm going to lean towards silver at first because it's a little more affordable, so I can stock up on quite a bit of that at first.

I would never buy metals with any paper OR electronic trail.

That means no credit cards, no checks and not online.

Call me paranoid but I don't mind at all.

In my opinion:

1. Only use cash
2. Never give a name or address
3. Tell no one or as few people as absolutely necessary
4. Physically take posession
5. Store wisely - In a fire proof safe or container
6. Government-minted coins have a very good reputation
7. Silver ROUNDS (meaning non-governmental) are cheaper
8. If buying rounds, watch the reputation of the minter (I think Northwest Territorial Mint is very reputable and I've used them in the past (Walk in only)

So there are some of my paranoid ideas!

Hope it helps.

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I only buy local and pay cash. If I do get government minted I go with Maples($5 face value versus the Eagle's $1 face value.) Other good private mints- A-Mark, Silvertowne, Sunshine, Johnson-Mathey, Hereus....

Like Kurt Cobain uttered "Just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you"....hehe better safe than sorry, right mate?

Silver the most under valued

in our life time. Buy lots of silver because one day the market manipulators will loose control and it will sky rocket. Maybe shoot right passed gold, at that time switch it for gold. This is a real wealth cycle that is going to take place real soon. If your holding gold, you will make money but not the same as silver.

This has happened before with Platinum and it's cousin Palladium.

I watch this video if I think about selling some of my silver.


Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Very cool video Beeman.


"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Buy Gold From Atlantic Precious Metals - A DailyPaul Member

Why not purchase your gold and silver from a Ron Paul supporter and DailyPaul member? My name is Ron Miller. After reading about Ron Paul, sound money and Austrian Economics I decided to open my own precious metals dealership over a year ago - Atlantic Precious Metals LLC (APM). I will be glad to help anyone who wants to buy gold or silver or who just wants more information about how to buy it and what to buy.

Be careful. Do not buy the gold numismatic coins many other dealers are pushing. Buy physical gold bullion - that's all I sell. Even if you just have questions and are not ready to buy - that's okay. I will help you. You can trust me.

Here is the link to the APM website: http://www.apmgoldbulliondealers.com/. You can reach me at 1-800-276-4843 (1-800-APM-Guide) or you can email me at rmiller@1800apmguide.com.

Ron Miller


Stay away from numismatics(coins considered 'collectable') and 'graded' coins! Just go for the bullion!
Ron what is your premium on silver Maples? And shipping costs?

New! - Buy Physical Gold and Silver With Limit Orders

Sorry for the delayed response. I just noticed your question. Right now I can do Silver Maple Leafs for as low as 2.69 over spot including shipping, however we are just now introducing a truly new and innovative way to buy gold and silver bullion coins and bars using spot price limit orders. Basically you set the price at which you want to buy and when the spot hits that price your order goes through and your bullion is shipped. This way customers get to take advantage of the inevitable dips in the spot price of gold and silver.

It's a little more work on my end to offer this but I think it is a huge benefit to the customer and I am literally just now trying to get the word out (so appreciate any help from fellow Paulians). Approximately 90% of the price customers pay for gold and silver coins and bars is the spot price of the metal. Now you have an opportunity to set that price and if the market drops to the price you want, you buy it at that spot price plus the premium over spot (which you are going to pay even when you can't set the acceptable spot price). You can buy stocks with limit orders and it never made much sense to me why you cannot do the same with physical gold and silver coins and bars. Well, now you can.

Sorry, did not mean to be long winded here - but point is - if you are interested in buying Silver Maple Leafs, why not try to buy when the silver spot price takes a little dip down? Same goes for anyone else reading this. If anyone here is interested in buying gold and silver bullion, or if you know anyone who is thinking about it, tell them to give me a call. Buying physical gold and silver using spot price limit orders is a real breakthrough way to buy gold and silver and I am really excited to be able to offer it. I am the owner of Atlantic Precious Metals LLC. You can reach me at 1-800-276-4843 (1-800-APM-GUIDE) or email me at: RMiller@1800APMGUIDE.com. Also here is a link to the APM website: http://www.apmgoldbulliondealers.com/

Thanks for your help in getting the word out on this truly customer friendly and beneficial way to buy gold and silver bullion coins and bars - Ron Miller

Ron Miller

Your reputable local coin dealer....

...It's been my experience, and I've bought from them all, that you'll get more or less the same "deal" from your local guy as you would from the online sources, when you consider shipping costs, with the upside that you get it immediately(obviously). Also, APMEX for example, handles all of their transactions through JPMorgue, so if you want to line those bastards' pockets then go through APMEX. The key to buying gold ultimately is to by at the very least 1 ounce at a time(don't bother if you're buying anything less, you'll pay premiums through the nose for less-than-ounce coins/ingots.) Also, I prefer Maple Leafs over American Eagles for the simple fact that Maples are 24k and Eagles are actually only 22k, yet their premiums are on par from my experience. Generic gold through a reputable mint is even a great way to go(what I usually stick with.) If you can't get at least an ounce of gold, consider silver. Silver at my local dealer varies quite a bit, but often they'll have 'discount' bullion for only 50 cents/ounce over spot, which is usually an odd weight loaf or giant coin/schticky kind of item. Silver's silver, but don't get all generic. Some coins, like Canada's current 'wildlife series' and more infamously Chinese Pandas pack quite a premium as they hold a certain numismatic value. Example: I bought a roll of Canadian Maple "wolf" series for about $3.25 over spot last year. Based on the desirability of these coins they go for at least $15 over spot in places like APMEX, Westminster mint, and collectors on Ebay. If you have any other questions let me know, and good luck!

How do you find a reputable

How do you find a reputable dealer if you are new to the market?

Good old fashioned homework.

Google search local coin dealers then call around and ask what percent premium they charge over spot. DO NOT pay more than a 3%(around $45-50 right now) premium over spot for an ounce of private mint gold(like PAMP Suisse for example.) And whatever you do, DON'T BUY LESS THAN AN OUNCE! You'll end up paying twice the premium for 10gram, 1/2 ounce, etc., which is a rip off. Always go local if you can. Online places are great if you're in the middle of nowhere or you really want something the local guy doesn't have(like the Maple "Wildlife" series I was talking about in my previous post) but they have a tendency to rape you on shipping costs. If you must buy online, for silver I use westminstermint.com. Their generic silver rounds are $1 over spot, regardless of market fluctuations, and their Maples and Eagles are comparable to local dealer price. Again, pay attention to shipping costs. Westminster charges the same shipping cost on 10oz. as they do on 15oz., but if you get 20oz. the shipping cost doubles. Always consider shipping costs in the final cost. My local dealer charges $1.65 over spot for generic silver. Westminster is $1 over. But when you calculate shipping, you're really paying at least $2 over spot for each coin, ergo, 'tis wiser to just go buy it from the local guy. Also Westminster's pricing on silver's the best I've found but their pricing on gold sucks. If you MUST buy gold online, I trust gainesvillecoins.com. One more thing; NEVER buy PM'S using a credit/debit card! They'll tack another 3% surcharge on your order(which goes directly into the scoundrel bankster's pockets!). The aforementioned sites allow you to mail a check to them for your purchase. Hope this helps.

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