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What to Say When Someone Says A Vote for Paul is a Wasted Vote

I tell them they have it backwards: a vote for the 'presumptive winner' in an election is the wasted vote, not the other way around.

Simply, if Romney is going to win anyway, why bother taking the effort to drive to the polling place etc.? Heck, if Romney et al does win you 'winning team bandwagon jumpers' can still claim you voted for the winner and get to join in the fun like with Obama in '08.

If someone tells you they're voting Romney, suggest to them they go home and get a nap in since their boss has to let them leave work and go 'somewhere' on voting day...

Am I being devious or just too honest?

P.S. Bart Simpson had a similar experience when he lost the class president race by a vote of 1 to 0 when even he couldn't bother to make the effort. Ha ha.

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I've been using this analogy lately

Imagine you're on a river and you know there is a waterfall ahead. I wouldn't want to be on a boat barreling full speed ahead. I also wouldn't want to be on a boat traveling forward at only half speed. No, I'd be trying to get on board the boat where the captain's been warning that there's a waterfall ahead and its time to turn the boat around.

Unfortunately we live in a nation that not only is full of passengers that think you're crazy for even mentioning a waterfall, but take pride in trying to throw my captain overboard.

A vote for Romney or Obama is a wasted vote

and not only is it wasted with those two, its dangerous!

If someone thinks that the

If someone thinks that the race is over, then I guess it wouldn't matter WHO you are voting for. Using that logic, it would be a wasted vote.

The only vote that would matter would be the one that breaks a tie.

Say, you are voting for what

Say, you are voting for what made America great - not its massive army, not its large wealth, not its natural beauty and rich resources, not because of some enormous government with huge castles, but because of the Bill of Rights. Vote for America, that is the protection of the Bill of Rights, aka Ron Paul.

Best Statement I've Heard On This:

"A vote for the Presumptive Winner is the wasted vote"
Very Good, Pass It ON


Tell them "I wouldnt waste my vote on anyone else!"


"An honest vote is a real vote"

"Vote for the establishment, and your voice doesn't matter."

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Voting for the lesser of 2

Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is still voting for evil. That is a wasted vote!

Formerly rprevolutionist

exactly what I was going to

exactly what I was going to say.

Hey, I like your...

...signature quote. The last thing on it, "Hey McCain"...are you going to change that to "Hey Romney" soon? LOL...just curious!