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Can't Say Ron Paul Hasn't Won Any States Now! Push This Everywhere

Well well well...looks like they can't say Paul hasn't won a state anymore, as a matter of fact as for the ONLY votes that count, the delegates that have actually voted, Paul is probably neck and neck with Romney.

So for all our Paul supporters out there, it is working.

Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, Washington State, etc., the time is now to really push as hard as you can to get every delegate to the convention, and every voter to every primary and caucus left.

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Push Hard

By donating! They need our money now more than ever!! They need people to coordinate these delegates so they show up and know what to do. They also need TV ads in Texas. The last money bomb failed when they needed us the most. Donate money. I just did and will again on pay day

Delegates are not the only outcome occurring

Start counting how many state and district level organisations we 'own' now.

Even without further increase in performance, we could end up with control of somewhere between 5 and 10 state systems.

That is something that will build over time, regardless of the outcome of this election.

There's only one person who

There's only one person who really should be called the Comeback Kid. He fought his own party to re-enter Congress in 1996 after a decade out of the political limelight, facing a Democrat turncoat and beating him good even though he had the support of the establishment.

Now, 2012, MSM has lied to you saying Romney has won all these states. However, step by step, it's seeming to be a comeback of proportions. He may be down 15-3 in states won, but there's a major fight going on.

His name is Ron Paul and he's our Comeback Kid!

I am arguing on a blog with someone and they insist

that they were at a CO delegate conv. on April 16, and Ron Paul did not win ANY delegates for the whole state--- only Romney. Where can I prove them wrong? I found 2 news articles, but they said they were Paul propaganda...examiner.com.

I Was There...

at the CO State Conv. Most, if not all of the RP supporters who were selected as delegates were unpledged. Several Santorum delegates won too but they were endorsed by the Paul campaign on the Conservative Unity Slate. So counting all these RP & Santorum delegates, we beat Romney and man, were they shocked! The RP delegates also got ALL of the CO National Delegation committee seats.

brigitfey: Do you know the

brigitfey: Do you know the final score? I remember somebody in Colorado saying Ron got 17 or 18 delegates, Romney 16 and Santorum 2. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

they don't get it

Even the Colorado media reported Paul won in CO.

If you seach back on the posts here

You can find some personal comments regarding what actually occurred.

The best I can make out is that at the last minute, the campaign iself, from a national level pushed a joint slate with Santorum in order to sercure any delegates at all. They apparently based that decision upon the number match up there. I have seen Paul videos from the site, where many local participants dissagree and claim they were prepared to win outright, and that in fact the new slate being introduced late affect a focused vote.

Also from the best I can gather, the delegates named as unbound are in fact Paul delegates...as to why they are listed as unbound, it have read that it has something to do with the deal made with the santorum campaign. Yes, Colorado was a bit of a mess, but it sounds like we did ok there.


its not that they are unbound, they are classified as undecided.

I read about it from someone who was there and working the strategy.

Little known rule allows Chair of the Convention (a Paul supporter) to decide which candidate the undecided delegates will back....wonder who that Paul chair will choose? :-)

I love your positive attitude

We need to move in this direction for sure my friend. Thank you!

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.