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Via Drudge: 63 Active Drone Sites in U.S. Maps & Pictures

The Daily Mail reports:


There are at least 63 active drone sites around the U.S, federal authorities have been forced to reveal following a landmark Freedom of Information lawsuit.

The unmanned planes – some of which may have been designed to kill terror suspects – are being launched from locations in 20 states.

Most of the active drones are deployed from military installations, enforcement agencies and border patrol teams, according to the Federal Aviation Authority.

Read more at the Daily Mail

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My Cousin is a former Republican Alderman

...and he just shared this link.

He is not thrilled with Ron Paul, basically he is under the same illusion as most people. His biggest opposition is Foreign Policy. After an hour discussion about his concerns, my concerns, and the world at large, he thanked me - for caring.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

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Lots of drones near me

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you."

Well, if they are looking for the terrorists,

then they need to program the drones to head for Washington DC.


The people in that town scare me far more than any terrorist

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Do you even need to differentiate


and the sad part is

we are funding every bit of it!!!!

Looks like

this research is coming to fruition: http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/index.htm

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

So only a British newspaper

So only a British newspaper reported this?

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According to the maps

there is not a single drone launch and control center along the entire Texas border. I reckon it depends how "terrorist" is defined....

My question...

...why is Drudge ignoring Ron Paul....hmm?

Because Drudge is a sellout

And is all about Romney now. Which is sad because he used to have a more libertarian slant.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Isn't Matt Drudge an

Isn't Matt Drudge an Israel-firster anyways?

Anybody want to make a guess on record of the date

the first American is killed inside our borders by one of these things (whether by accident or when deemed a terrorist)?

My guess is Aug 1st, 2013

It won't be reported

Death or property damage will be chalked up to other causes.

I'll wager May 1st, 2013.

The **** is hitting the fan faster and faster each day.

how 'bout never

because President Paul will stop this onslaught on the American people!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

...and how many will die

...and how many will die along with that 1 target?