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Constantinople reigned 1,000 years, w/ Gold & Silver... After Rome fell.

Decline & fall of Rome... Decline & fall of Clone [United States]

Norcini - If History is Any Guide, This is Going to End Badly

Rome Fell as their money was debased. Constantinople rose as Gold & Silver remained as money.

[Rome fell hard] “... steady erosion of faith in the money system played a big role in the collapse of the empire. The rulers had begun to debase their coinage. They adulterated the metal content of the coins. When the merchants caught on that there wasn’t the same amount of silver in the coins, as an example, they raised the prices. This, of course, created a great deal of inflation.

The monetary authorities responded to the inevitable inflation by issuing price controls under edict of death.

... Emperor Constantine and many of the extremely well-connected Romans [evacuated to] the city of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul). That Eastern empire endured for another 1,000 years because they had gold and other honest forms of money.

The US has entered a similar period of decline. The political system is broken and corrupt, and the major financial institutions now resemble criminal banking syndicates. If history is a reliable guide, one thing you can be assured is this will end badly.

‘What can I do to protect myself and my family?’ Answer: no different than many centuries ago, as Rome was collapsing. Get ... honest forms of money. Back then it was physical gold and silver, and it remains the same today.”

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