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"The Root Word in Gun-Fight is Fight, NOT Gun": 57yo GA Grandma fends off TWO would be CarJackers!

Slightly off topic on a Primary day.D

Don't mess with an armed Filipina!

Okay, so Lulu Campbell isn't a knife thrower. But she clearly exemplifies the mindset of a fighter:

“(Spencer) shouted, ‘Give me the f------ money and open the f------ door!’ ” Campbell said. “I said, ‘Oh my God, somebody is going to rob me.’ I said, ‘Baby, you’re going to kill me anyway, so I don’t have to open it!’”

Campbell said she reached for her .38-caliber revolver just as Spencer allegedly fired at her. She felt Spencer’s bullet whiz by her chest as she fired back. Her shot hit Spencer in the chest...“I hurt my back (pushing the seat back to avoid the shot),” she said. “I saw the guy in front of me, and I said, ‘Oh my God, there are two of them.’ I said I’m going to take one of them with me. That’s what was in my head.”

Ms. Lulu Campbell, a very successful 57year old Macon, GA grandma/businesswoman who owns 13 convenience stores/gas stations, who immigrated from the Philippines 40yrs ago, clocks in at tiny 4'11" tall, fended off TWO carjackers while driving her ginormous Toyota Tundra pickup, successfully hitting one of the two assailants.

She has a very colorful history, to say the least: apparently, about 35yrs ago, she caught her former husband who was a cop who trained her how to shoot, cheating on her with his mistress, and SHOT THEM BOTH. But no charges were filed.

Hell hath no fuy like a woman scorned:

“After that, my husband said ‘I wish I didn’t teach you how to shoot!’ ” she said.

Most remarkable thing about her? According to the article, she donates almost ALL of the profits from her biz to various charities and churches!

Definitely Higher PowerS at work.

Not only that, she's a kind soul, even sympathetic to her own assailants:

Despite her experience, she said she hopes Spencer doesn’t die from his wound, but instead goes to prison. She said she doesn’t want Spencer’s mother to experience what Campbell has had to experience with the loss of her own son.

“I pray for him to be alive, because it really hurts to lose a child,” she said.

What a lady!

Check out the damage:


By way of TheTruthAboutGuns.com:

Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Always Packin’ Edition

Posted on April 24, 2012 by Dan Zimmerman (No Relation to George)

It’s been a good week for gun-toting grannies. First there was Fannie Mae Brown and her .38. Now comes Lulu Campbell who, as she tells macon.com, is always packing heat. Then again she’s not the kind of granny who splits her time between quilting bees and church socials. She owns gas stations and convenience stores and, you’d assume, handles a fair amount of cash. She was sitting in her car in her daughter’s driveway when two dirtbags came a-knockin’...


Original Macon.com Article:

‘I carry a gun all the time’ says woman who thwarted Macon holdup attempt

By PHILLIP RAMATI — pramati@macon.com

Posted: 5:10pm on Apr 23, 2012; Modified: 11:12am on Apr 24, 2012

Looking at Lulu Campbell’s bullet-riddled silver Toyota Tundra, common sense says the 57-year-old grandmother should be dead.

It’s impossible to tell how many bullets were fired at 2 a.m. Saturday morning on English Avenue, but what started as an armed robbery attempt turned into a full-blown firefight.

There are eight bullet holes in the Tundra’s hood, another in the front grill, and both front-seat side windows have been shot out. There’s also a single bullet hole through the front windshield, when Campbell shot back at one of the assailants. At least four of the bullets that penetrated the hood left secondary holes in the metal that’s right behind the driver’s dashboard. One of those shots took out the vehicle’s power brakes.

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Another 'good'-ish 2nd Amd. article of the day, from NYT!

Well, okay, it's more like 2nd Amend. neutral-ish article from NYT.

"Gun experts suggest that there are many reasons for the growth in the number of people with concealed-carry permits. They say it is partly due to a changing political and economic climate — gun owners are professing to want a feeling of control — and state laws certainly have made a difference."

Still, merely in context of fashion related post or not, pretty impressive, by NYT's non-standards:

New Fashion Wrinkle: Stylishly Hiding the Gun

Published: April 23, 2012

Woolrich, a 182-year-old clothing company, describes its new chino pants as an elegant and sturdy fashion statement, with a clean profile and fabric that provides comfort and flexibility.

And they are great for hiding a handgun.

The company has added a second pocket behind the traditional front pocket for a weapon. Or, for those who prefer to pack their gun in a holster, it can be tucked inside the stretchable waistband. The back pockets are also designed to help hide accessories, like a knife and a flashlight.

The chinos, which cost $65, are not for commandos, but rather, the company says, for the fashion-aware gun owner. And Woolrich has competition. Several clothing companies are following suit, building businesses around the sharp rise in people with permits to carry concealed weapons.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

these cases

will never be discussed in the lame stream news , but they need to be on the top of every pro-gun site and sent to the anti-gunners such as mayor: Bloomberg !!!


but Bloomie's only anti-gun, unless you're one of his billionaire friends:


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul