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Freedom Storm: New Ron Paul Philadelphia Speech Film-Now Out!

New Film of Philadelphia Speech: Freedom Storm

"Freedom Storm"-Ron Paul on Independence Mall in Philadelphia
(lower resolution version-higher resolution promised when I have time to re-edit later)


User submitted video came while we were editing that film.


Video: Really good Overhead Cam view of the crowd.


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It Brought Tears to my Eyes

This was so wonderful to see, but please if you haven't had your first G.O.P. delegate nominating conventiopn, become a delegate. I just became one from Houston, TX. In Houston there were tons of precincts where nobody showed up. Flood the system where it counts! Speaking of counting, I will never believe that 4,300 people showed up in the rain and Dr.Paul didn't win the popular vote in one district! The delegate strategy is very important, but the popular vote is important also. We must sop vote fraud. The solution could almost be as simple as volunteers with take a number rolls in exchange for punching a vote receipt.


One of the few alive today.

We brought our daughters, aged 5 and 7

They sat on our shoulders holding their Ron Paul signs up high as the rain fell. We were cold and soaked but left there inspired and in awe.

We are SO proud of you, Ron Paul!!

When older, hopefully their children....

won't need to stand in the rain just to hear some common sense.

Thank you for bringing them.

One day I hope they say thank you for letting them see Ron Paul :)

I thank the people who taped

I thank the people who taped and edited this.
I am pissed that the campaign doesn't lift a finger to make a video record of such an historical event.

I was stuck at home with injuries that kept me off my feet. I live near Pittsburgh but I just couldn't tolerate the trip and the weather.

We need to make the campaign aware that they have an obligation to get these events covered professionally.

This is history being written.

on the whole I agree

I've mentioned, they could at least make it possible to record.

We've done that with the "We've Got Your Back" from A & M and by having videography done in a downpour as in our latest film "Freedom Storm"...

on the whole, I share your frustration, which is why I jumped in...

In the middle

Somewhere after a quarter the way through, but before the middle, of the first one, you want to listen to what he says.

... chills. This doesn't end.

-quiet engineer


Amazing and inspiring to see people standing, listening to Dr. Paul in the pouring rain!

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace