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Question: How could we do so poorly in the primaries & caucuses & have landslides in the delegate elections? Hmmmmm

The above question just begs to be asked. I mean, if that many people were for Zombie, wouldn't they have become delegates, too? How can a candidate get so many votes & have such miniscule delegate support? Or the reverse, how can a candidate do so poorly in the votes, yet have such support, he gets the delegates?

Something is rotten in Denmark, and this circumstance doth merit investigtion.

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I just cannot accept..

that Romney wins every single county- even when those counties only have a couple hundred voters! Is noone doing any get out the vote efforts for Dr. Paul in these states? If the whole country thinks Romney is the nominee, who goes out to cast a vote for a (truly milquetoast) candidate whom the media has already crowned? I hope someone has been doing some exit polling (heard Paul was looking much stronger in PA before the electronic votes were being tallied).

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It's media brainwashing, and

It's media brainwashing, and it's criminal. The intent is malicious and egregious. While this may sound overly dramatic, the media is a weapon being used as an act of war against We The People. The media is being used to overtly subvert free elections and the free flow of unbiased and equal information.
Make no mistake about it. It is an act of war.

I'm from the country and common sense means everything where I grew up.
Simple logic born of decades of living says in the real world without vote tampering, the front runner always brings in the biggest crowds, generates the most enthusiasm, gets the most votes, and logically gets the most delegates. That the votes are somehow 'missing' is not logical, does not compute, and merits wide spread investigation.
For some odd reason, this scenario that always is true - is suddenly not true in 2012.

Bain, Goldman Sachs, Scytl, GE, Westinghouse, etc.

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It's coming to a close. The

It's coming to a close.

We're try the election box all the way. But we have to document every single instance of cheating and complain about it so everyone that should know does. That even includes "minor" instances like the Florida strawpoll that wasn't a primary, where cheater Cain won by not counting 25% of the votes because they changed the time.

You take that complaint, and you complain before the GOP convention loudly. In the above example, to the Florida GOP head, who said that whoever wins the strawpoll will win the election. Ask about the Cheat Cain, and why the strawpoll was missing 25% of the votes.

Let the roosters come home and roost wherever they cheated. Don't give up.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Ron Paul wins

when the Cameras are on, but looses when they are off, remember Clark county Nevada. In the caucus States too many Paul supporters present to be cheated.

If you can get people watching then they can't switch the pea under the walnut shell. We need lots of eyes in the future.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

I'll tell you how. One word (hyphenated)



It's probably because we researched and respect the process more.


Seriously people. Wake the hell up. The majority of 'Republicans' hate Ron Paul because they drink the Fox New kool-aide.

The ONLY reason Ron Paul wins the delegates at the conventions is because we actually care. So we actually show up.

We are an irate minority. There is no getting around that. The good news is that b/c the Republicans clearly are so lacking in principle (remember how they jumped from candidate to candidate) all we need to do is convince them that Romney sucks and that Paul is the bomb.

Saying Ron Paul is winning just isn't true. He isn't. Make a difference in the primary states and THEN we will be winning. Repeating mantras doesn't do anything.

I'm not denying voter fraud, but until you've gone to a Republican event, shut the hell up. The majority Republican party is hostile to Ron Paul.

Pottawattamie County Iowa

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You may be right but I have

You may be right but I have yet to meet a single supporter of any of the other GOP candidates in my personal life. It seems that everybody I know falls into a only a few categories which I'll list below.

Typical political
1. "I don't know anything about politics"
2. "I heart socialism"
3. "I vote for whoever is winning and is acceptable within my social circle"
4. "I think I'm one of those libertarians"

It's those in category 3 that I worry about the most and which give evidence for why voting should not be made mandatory because uninformed people vote for who has the coolest hair, nicest clothes, or countless other stupid reasons. I think the typical GOP members you are talking about that are hostile to Ron Paul fall directly into this category because they don't want to get laughed out of their yacht club regardless if they actually agreed 100% with his views.

Interestingly it's people in category 1 who are dead on when they ask "what is the difference between a Republican and a Democrat anyway?" even though it's for different reasons than those in category 4.

The fact that so many people

The fact that so many people jumped from candidate to candidate (assuming there is no fraud), multiplies the stupidity of the average voter and if the average voter does not see what is going on then they are brain dead. If I was still a neocon I would be questioning things as to why the media has created and destroyed so many candidates. Even someone who does not partake in politics has to laugh at what is going on.

Boy, have you got that right!


Gross Voter Fraud

Most convincing proof of gross voter fraud yet - this from a Benedictine Monestary!


That is an excellent

That is an excellent question. If the msm ever attempted to answer it, i'm certain their analysis would contain numerous logical fallacies that would not be noticed by the majority of their audience. ;-)

Just posted this on dailybeast:


Riddle me this: How come Romney gets all these votes & yet can't scrape up dedicated delegates? Delegates = bodies, have to show up to county & state conventions. Delegegates won't even get out of bed for him. Could that possibly mean that these primaries & caucuses are just the fixed charades most of us have surmised?

Yet when delegates = bodies do have to show, Ron Paul's supporters wouldn't let a bullet get in their way. This leads to the conclusion that when an actual body has to be connected to a vote, Ron Paul wins in a landslide. When it's just votes being counted, Romney wins. Figure that out!

Don't Discount The General Electorate Votes...

These people may not be dedicated but they are excited to show up for the primary general vote - especially if theirs is one of the first states, multiple candidates are running strong, and they get to sit down and have Wolf and King lay it all out for them, while Dana Bash goes about BASHING Paul. Paul supporters on the other hand are a homely, dedicated lot. Knowing they are in the minority, they show up to where it counts and will see it through. Because you really believe in Paul and know he really could stand for change - for better or worse - you will vote for him no matter what - no matter how unelectable.

Now - Romney took it to RP in ND because you weren't prepared and didn't have really good parliamentarians in place and no ex-lawyers - nothing. Just got bowled over without much of a fight - surprising and a sign of weakness. RP opponents take heart when they hear about TX delegate slots not filled - low turn out - sign of losing steam I bet. How about MO? - all excited was RP land and then when the delegate results come in nothing but crying boo-hooing and gnashing of teeth.

You want the GOP nomination you say? Then there shouldn't be last minute calls for help in upcomig states to get RP word out and general support - get yourselves organized for crying out loud. You want to make sure that RP isn't being cheated of votes? - then figure out a way to ensure the integrity of the vote in every state. RP should have been ready and better prepared. But you have time, so get with it - oh yes, And don't forget that money matters.

You want to beat Romney? - then act like it and bring it!!! See you in Tampa - maybe - if the GOP decides to let you in - ha ha ha.

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Ahoy mate!

Said you,

"Could that possibly mean that these primaries & caucuses are just the fixed charades most of us have surmised?"

Short answer, absolutely yes.


"When it's just votes being counted, Romney wins. Figure that out!"

Easy peazy. Say, vote rigging machines that steal votes from Ron Paul and give them to the romulan for a false report of him seemingly ahead soooooo, the mass mind will 'think' that he is winning and not do the homework, or research to see what is really happening, and who is really winning. They are content to eat the spoon fed carp and go to bed believing in the dis/mis-information that was purposely given to fool them.

The lamester scummy lying dying propaganda machine has been used for decades to steer the herd-mentality towards what ever gate they want. This time it is the willard nitney gate. Every time the sheeple just herd on through like lemmings off the cliff believing in the deceptions of computer generated lies and subliminal suggestions to vote for the romulan.

And they talk about weapons of mass distraction, deception, and destruction all rolled up into the multidimensional gawk-box of mind control horrors and stupid yellow journalism.

Get off the drug TV!


You have a cool way of...

...speaking the truth! I like that!

99.9% of people don't follow these delegate elections

The vast majority of voters assume these delegate elections just magically happen, in the same way they think about the electoral college. Most people don't even vote in primaries in the first place. People that attend these events are an extremely self-selecting group, and are not at all representative of the voting population, let alone the population at large.

It just so happens that attendance at such events has become a major focus of the Paul campaign, as winning disproportionate numbers of delegates at these events is absolutely essential for Paul if he's going to do well at the national convention. It also happens that while Paul's support is small relative to the full Republican voting population, his supporters are quite passionate and will attend these types of events while other candidates' supporters don't. It speaks to Paul's abilities and success in organizing and exciting his supporters. But it also speaks to the fact that the movement is still small and when lots of people vote, he doesn't get as big of a share of the vote.

Why is this getting voted

Why is this getting voted down?

In other words...

In other words, the irate minority is an irate minority. :)

Be glad that your system still leaves that way open -- at least more or less open.

(edit: The Shazad's percentage might be a bit off, but I nevertheless have trouble understanding why such an otherwise perfectly substantiated post receives down votes. Be careful of wishful thinking, folks. Illusions are the greatest threat to all human enterprises.)

Yeah, the 99.9% number may or

Yeah, the 99.9% number may or may not have been completely made up. I wouldn't be surprised if it's that far off, though.

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GOP Vote Fraud Crime Stoppers Chant

I found this video this morning.

RON PAUL GOP Vote Crime Stoppers Chant

Yes it is,

Vote count and ballot fraud at the local and state levels of the gop and rnc.

Help prove voter fraud!

After you vote don't forget to go here!

http://www.ronpaulvotecount.org/ We had to be our own media, teach ourselves how to win caucases, raise our own money! Now lets do our own vote count!


Please help spread the word by pasting this link anywhere Paul voters may be reading:-)

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Beauty contests

MSM is all gaga over them and now they're too embarrassed to admit that beauty contests don't always equate to getting the most delegates. That's why they hardly cover Ron Paul. They're hoping the unsuspecting public doesn't notice the difference between beauty contests and actual delegate awards. Just my thoughts.

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