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New Video: Support The Troops...Hate The War

There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.


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Thank you!

great compilation

if people watched this instead of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, we would have a better chance of restoring the republic.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions


an excellent way to get people to watch it is to simply tell them that the next time they're going to sit down to watch one of those "blockbusters", please replace it with this...I learned quickly (luckily with my family and not strangers) that it's not too hard to "annoy" people when your trying to cram a video down their throat, asking every other day if they watched it yet :-)

De criminalize Liberty!

excellent compilation

Guys, there is some great stuff in here. watch it!

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This is a wonderful video, especially if you can

find people willing to take the time to watch it through. It could be very educational to newbies.


This video brought me to tears, got me angry, got me excited, got me fired up, got me extremely sad.... every emotion.

THAT is what this movement is about... I rarely ever post here, just lurk. I am going to be running for office VERY soon - and when I do, I want people to know I will be following in Paul's footsteps.

This is our country, we can all save it.

http://www.SchiffVsKrugman.com - Demand a Debate! Sign the Petition!

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Bookmarked for viewing later. . .

The background music of the opening video clip is beautiful. A touch of melancholy with loving enduring optimism. Can't wait to watch the entire video.

it's a cover of metallica's

it's a cover of metallica's "Nothing Else Matters"

This video highlights what we all know...that Democrats

and Independents will vote for Ron Paul - and only Ron Paul. No other candidate can say that.

We are winning!

wow what a great video!

Are they from you? They are gold.
We need some shorter versions that promote the same message for the shorter attention people ;)

A great start, then

The course language really turned me off. I will watch the whole thing but I regret you had to use the language.

You could reach a much greater audience if you would leave out the expletives.

Maybe it is just me. I am a month younger than Ron Paul


That's the kind of language

That's the kind of language the 'security forces' use on people who fail to defend their liberties.

Maybe we should practice listening to it?

I posted the video

but I also gave you an upvote because I completely agree..I'm only 29 and I also dislike the language as well, but the 10 minutes section that had the language (in my opinion) was too powerful too leave out. The video clip that includes the language I have used in atleast 2 or 3 other videos I made, and I have always gotten comments about the language, but I have not been able to find a way to edit out just the bad language while still being able to use the clip...If you would like a version without the section with the bad language, please let me know...I would hate for that to be the reason you don't ask everyone you know to watch it..Let me know, I can edit it out and have it posted for you within 24hrs

De criminalize Liberty!


No individual video clip is from me no...I've been trying to go back and find the youtube user names so I can provide links for individual links and so that they get credit, as all I did was download a couple hundred videos from youtube, sort through them, and edit a bunch of them together..And I totally understand what you mean by "for the shorter attention people", but I've seen so many of the 3-5 minute videos that are so awesome, I felt compelled to edit as many together as possible to create a "full length" video with as much of a "storyline" as possible...Also, I have a brother that has been a Marine for almost 19 years, and he has only very recently acknowledged the true intent of Dr. Pauls message. So I had to put together a new video for him :-).I put this together yesterday, mailed my brother a copy, and handed out a few dvd copies. I've had 3 out of 7 people so far tell me that they had no idea that they were sitting for 2 hours watching this, until it was over...Took that as a good sign so I decided to upload it.

De criminalize Liberty!

keep them coming!

You have great editing skills! I didnt watched the whole video yet but what I have seen so far is great stuff.

Are you able to cut out and glue snippets from RP speeches together with some crowd shots?

I had this idea here but it never took off:


I've edited together many videos since I discovered Dr. Paul back in September, but this is by far my favorite..Also, I too had an idea about a video focusing on the crowd sizes, but then some of the 3-5 minute videos started coming out showing the massive crowds (especially the one that is the second clip in this video..Awesome) so I kind of backed away...In this video though, there are some of those shorter clips that emphasized the crowds.

De criminalize Liberty!

I wonder whether Bil O'Reilly

I wonder whether Bil O'Reilly will call them cowards or traitors?


thanks I will watch the rest later.

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Wow! Can't wait to watch this video!

Thank you! I only watched the first few minutes and I love it! Can't wait to see the entire video once I get off work!

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Please Spread!!

Please Spread!!

De criminalize Liberty!