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News: All Texas Speeches-Now OFFICIAL-Thousands Swarmed Every City, Every Speech

We'll be covering UC Davis and San Diego next Thursday and Friday

Follow This Daily Paul Post for Ron Paul in California

Watch THIS! It's Great and there's more coming.

HOUSTON SLIDESHOW Only 1 can fill this arena

We'll be adding webcasts with interactivity improvements. And, we'll be sending out news releases to promote coverage of the speeches-Follow it in the California Post linked above

Vids/Pics/Articles on ALL Texas Cities at bottom of this post


Subscribe to YouTube Channel for Ron Paul Speech films:

Watch - "Freedom Storm: Speech on Independence Mall, Philadelphia

If attending Email Vids/Pics and Reports

For Reports on speeches Follow these reporters on Twitter
email winliberty@gmail.com to be added to this list

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Follow Tyler Groce - Reporting from Houston @Texans4Paul

Houston 7pm CST/Free Seating Reservations from ronpaul2012.com

Friday: April 27-Houston/University of Texas

News and links of interest will appear below for each city:

El Paso

AP has a short article before El Paso Speech

Article about Paul speech on Local TV website- 1 day ahead of event

El Paso SlideShow - Some great pics HERE

Slideshow from Angel Clark-many good shots

El Paso Times-FANTASTIC SLIDESHOW from Daily Paul user "newsbuster"

Good Article from El Paso Times

Article: Good, from KFOX, Channel 14 from Puma for Life

El Paso MeetUp Group-Give them some Thanks!-read their discussion of Event from fonta

Video: Short clip, enthusiastic crowd!

Video:FULL El Paso Speech-Taken from IPAD, Shot "Widescreen" so it's SIDEWAYS for some, but good color. vid from jon clark - subscribe to user's YouTube Channel jclark9789

Video: El Paso Speech Pt. 1

Video: El Paso Speech Pt. 2


Local article, before Paul's speech-Good Quote by Jesse Benton

Many GREAT Pics from Austin in this Slideshow

Article: Campus Newspaper

Article & Audio: READ THIS! Texas Tribune has THE BIG LIE This lying "news organization" suggests the size of Paul's crowds "rivals" the supposedly large crowds for Mitt Romney and Obama

Video: Local TV interviews Ron Paul from Daily Paul user HonorGod

Video: Austin Channel 7 Interviews Ron Paul from Daily Paul user FreeYourself

Video: Local TV-Good footage and Article, Watch!

Video: Full Austin Speech from Daily

Article: What Paul told his audience--Very Good Article


Watch THIS: Katharine Memole Discusses Recording Ron Paul History


Video: When Bill and Hill last played the Hofheinz Arena 1 candidate CAN fill this

Video Clip: Line waiting to get into Houston Venue

Video: Houston Channel 13, pretty good report on the crowd and Paul's intentions

Video: Good "homemade" clip of Intro Song from Daily Paul user ACinMA

Reports from Media around the nation

Paul campaign announces 2 new California speeches-UC Davis (near Sacramento) and San Diego

Article: Local TV station discussed Paul "True Believers" in Philadelphia Storm

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There are some EXTREMELY good

There are some EXTREMELY good local interviews in this combobulation of stuff..the YNN one (I think from Honor God) is super, and enjoyed watching..

Do you own the word "combobulation"

or may anyone use it?

We're setting up a more convenient, easily searched and practical collection of past, present and future events over at http://winliberty.com/Ron_Paul_Live.php Just use the left navigation bar to explore what we've completed so far

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a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

I thank you John

For what you do. But i must admit that i think your posts (in similar formats) are kinda disorganized and i get confused as to what im clickin. I ive still never seen any of your slideshows on my mobile deal. I get frustrated hearing all this enthusiasm and cant even check it out.
Again you are a patriot and i thank you. Id just advise a mod to make it to where its just one event at a time amd not so much a vomit of different links all on the front page... Id rather see ona those crowd size twitter pics ( which i also cant see) on the front page.

Happy face happy face after hearing all this Louisianna and Massachusets news... Hate to post negativity in any form so figured i throw that in there.

might work better for you now

This time around I'm using external pages at WinLiberty.com from our Ron Paul Live page there. You'll find things on the left hand navigation bar including "slideshow" and links to the specific event, in this case the first up is the Fullerton event.

There are a couple pics there now of the stadium where the event now has been moved...they needed a bigger place :)

we're working on it

Can you email me winliberty@gmail.com (or post here) the kind of phone you use which won't allow you to see the pics? (phone, operating system, browser used?)

I think I've got the solution to the "confusion" problem which is to link to Daily Paul from the WinLiberty website which will allow people to see any Daily Paul pages related to it and click on them in a navigation bar, AND allow me better control on updates as we receive pics/vids/news items.

We're already done that at WinLiberty on our Take Action and Agenda pages, which lead to outside websites...essentially, it's a comprehensive way to link from one website to another. That way, I'd be able to display photos and incoming vids by city, and in a much more intuitive, attractive manner, without the need for so many words.

We can't embed here, as that means we can't update after the embed, and that's the reason Daily Paul hasn't been able to show you those pictures/videos; however, they have been able to embed videos we've drummed up in other, new posts which have been available to Daily Paul users.

The main thing is presenting continual updates mean we can't just post and leave the post alone...it's all changing all the time. This week, one event immediately followed the other so previous days are being updated as news and more pics/vids become available and the new event is being covered.

I think we're pretty close to presenting it better on Thursday/Friday for UC Davis and San Diego.


Thanks again. Emailed you.

Anyone have an idea why i am sometimes forbidden from looking at pics on twitter? I dont have an acct? I dont follow someone and they set it to private or something? Anything i can do on my end? Im actually considering getting twitter just to follow people....

I've had the same problem, don't know what it is

Assuredly, I know no more about Twitter than you but I've developed the same question.

Yesterday I had a heck of a time viewing pics and vids from specific senders I follow and who follow me--- all of whom were transmitting Ron Paul media...and who were sending so I could quickly post it up--- a I could view it via the link but not by the "view pic" or "view video"...nothing happened when I clicked that.

At least now I can rest easier knowing others have the same problem viewing Ron Paul pics and vids via Twitter :)

ACinMA's picture

Heres a few videos

Ron Paul - Town Hall at University of Houston - Introductory Song


Local Houston Media Coverage of Ron Paul Rally

Fall River, Bristol County, Massachusetts

"When one gets in bed with government,
one must expect the diseases it spreads."
‎"It's not like I'm a powerful person. My ideas are."



aside from that one channel

Channel 2 so far at least offers only this


Which looks like some placeholder thing that's inserted automatically into their website by some new fangled "wire service" thingie just so they can say they provided "coverage" and at the same time milk the ron paul search traffic for all it's worth.


Posting the song one now (nice stuff); already have the link to the news station

Thanks for those, AC they

Thanks for those, AC they were great!

too cute!

"Reports from Media around the nation"

How many rally attendees became delegates

at the County Conventions in the area?

I was there!

So exciting, I think I spent half the time on my feet!

Good evening attanding the rally

It was a good time of spending an hour with Ron Paul in Houston tonight. The crowd was good but not at the max capacity. Many of my friends preferred happy hour versus education with Dr. Paul.

But the energy was great, I see happy smiles on people faces all along,
fells good,

Keep up good work folks

Some people consider education with Dr. Paul...

to be happy hour!

Thank you for the report.


Ron Paul is trending again on Google+ again. He is number 3 right now.

"To say, 'nothing is true', is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say, 'everything is permitted', is to understand that we are the architects of our actions.

That's important

You raise an important matter for consideration.

I just got up after sleeping an hour or so and finding a very good submission of new pics by someone who was in Houston tonight, I added those 20 or so new Pics to the Slideshow here.

Another one of the few people who SHARE did so, and I was glad to see those PICS and so I stayed up to add them.

Right now, this post has 237 comments (which is a fairly high number compared with most posts on Daily Paul, but far lower than some other posts I've done).

AND, it has 56 Tweets, 60 likes on Facebook a whole 4 Google+ and 0 on Redditt and zero stumbles.

Most of the Tweets and Facebook (always the whopping majority) are from my own literal hours spent plugging away on Facebook and Twitter.

I have Twitter users who Retweet (not enough, but several at least).

And what about the Daily Paul people?

Google+ is almost always unused here, as are the other very helpful Sharing tools built right into Daily Paul.

Folks love to Vote Up or Down, some even do so with a vengeance...especially those who seem to be happiest and most boastful when they are denouncing one thing or another.

But, almost no one shares.

I've had a couple films lately which have garnered literally tens of thousands of views...same thing on the sharing...almost zip.

Do people here understand the concept of electioneering?

Do people here actually give a rat's ass?

SHARE People!

This isn't anything new under the sun.

New tools, new technology make it far, far easier to do actual political outreach, the real stuff, not posting another inane comment about how someone else ought to do something you think is important...but ACTUALLY doing some outreach of your own.

THAT is winning...NOT sitting and taking, and taking, and taking and giving nothing in return.

It's so bleepin' easy to SHARE this stuff.

I'd make it even more simple if I were more expert at provoking the SHARE response in people...but I doubt that'd actually address the real problem.

The real problem is that the overwhelming majority of Daily Paul people TAKE in all this and spew out NONE of it.

They don't actually even SHARE it with their closest friends, much less find strangers with whom to SHARE.

And don't try and make an argument out of it. The numbers are right there at the top of this post, the top of many other very good posts here at Daily Paul.

The numbers don't lie.

The vast majority of Ron Paul supporters don't SHARE information with a soul. NOT with one bleepin' soul.

The numbers aren't rigged, I have no control over them, they are determined by the Google god and the people who run the tools built into Daily Paul, not by mere mortals like me and others here who post very useful SHAREABLE stuff.

The numbers don't lie.

Close friends AND strangers make up the electorate.

ALMOST ALL OF those people know nothing about Ron Paul except what Wolf and his Mainstream cohorts tell them, which is very little and mostly incorrect.

SHARING is outreach to voters. THAT is another way of saying Activism.

It is NOT active to read the Daily Paul...NOT in the least, NOT if you don't SHARE what you learn here, what you find here.

THAT is the whole reason I'm making the films and spending the very long hours covering these speeches.

Michael Nystrom and his many helpers at Daily Paul even recently added very attractive, even cute symbols at the top of every post here, probably to get people to use them more often.

Are you going to go off now and post another inane comment somewhere about how Mainstream Media is ignoring Ron Paul?

OR, are you going to BE the medium, use the media?

It's not like you are at work, hiding out in some room hoping no one notices you are using the work computer to sneak in some porn time.

Or, are most Daily Paul readers actually secretly, shamefully employed at the IRS and all afraid of losing their paychecks if it is found they support Ron Paul?

Are the majority of you shareholders in Haliburton and understandably afraid of losing stock value if Ron Paul does well?

Or, do you just not give a rat's ass?

Somethings up.

It sure as hell isn't a problem limited to my posts.

It's ALL the posts here.

With all the "readership" (as though being a reader or "user" here is some strange new form of activism known only to the individuals here lurking away) of Daily Paul there almost is ZERO outreach.

Why is that?

Numbers sometimes are uncomfortable.

It means alot when this post has more than twice the upvotes than it even has Facebook likes especially since I generated most of those Facebook likes on my own, outside of Daily Paul...and the same with the Tweets.

Oh yeah, and I'm one of those four Google+ too.

And I did the Redditt and Stumble thing too.

I shouldn't be able to find myself in those figures...but always it is the same, and it is the same with almost every damn thing EVER posted at Daily Paul.

You, the overwhelming majority of anonymous Daily Paul users accomplish literally NOTHING in the way of voter outreach, almost all Daily Paul readers...NOTHING. And you prove it every time you vote something up or down.

It shows up, glaringly, in the numbers.

You just DO NOT SHARE any of the material here at Daily Paul.

What is it? Are you so fearful of taking "a stand"? As though hitting a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ button somehow jeopardizes you?

Afraid of being audited?

IF you are, and I think many of you would rather have root canal without any painkiller than actually risk speaking or communicating with a single voter who needs persuading, than why bother with reading about Ron Paul?

You've already lost all liberty and you did it by choice.

You show that your only affirmative action is to TAKE NO ACTION.

THIS stuff is meant to be SHARED!

That is what Ron Paul is doing! He's hoping you turn around and SHARE too.

I've not actually seen or heard an entire Ron Paul speech this entire time. I've edited, but I'm not actually just sitting there listening even then. I've been involved with things like sound and cut-aways, and I really don't need to hear another speech anyway.

What's the point?

The POINT IS to SHARE it with voters who don't know a thing about Ron Paul.

You have things to share here at Daily Paul.

These historic speeches by Ron Paul ARE important things to share.

I've got links to 2 real fine things you can SHARE with the world about Ron Paul, things which document that Mainstream Media IS NOT telling the story of thousands of cheering, foot stomping supporters showing up whenever Ron Paul pops into town.

I've got links just above, in this post to 2 movies which document the abuse of common sense by Mainstream Media and all the vast majority of Daily Paul readers do is ignore the obvious themselves.

What is up with that?

I've linked a TON of stuff in all of these posts, things submitted by others always far, far outweigh what I provide originally...which, when you get right down to it only really is just a whole lot of hard work, many hours.

And what do you do, the overwhelming majority of you?

You scream for more, FOR YOU, and NOT to be shared.

I've had comments in this post tonight, and in all the others, criticizing and complaining because there's not enough news...

What the bleep did almost every last one of you actually do today, this week or THIS YEAR to reach out even to ONE lousy voter?

The numbers do not lie.

Most of you are couch potato campaigners.

You KNOW where to find FOX on the dial, that you know...I never do know the number those very few times I turn on a TV and try to find a "news" channel.

You DO KNOW where to find Daily Paul.

But you don't use it, you abuse it.

And there you sit, looking to make your next UP or Down vote.

Be very pleased with yourselves.

Political tourists is what you are.

You are obscure, and again you have taken no "risk". Again you have done absolutely NOTHING.

Not all of you of course, just the overwhelming majority of you.

The numbers do not lie.


Had a great time


real cool

love your viddy .. sweet .. love JFK & Ron Paul... these two are cut from the same cloth.. Good Job Buddy ... rock out for rp !!

gary gettis

Had a great time at the rally

Had a great time at the rally today! It was awesome!!!!!

Here's my photo: http://i.imgur.com/exVCD.jpg


I've added it to the SlideShow and it's credited

Nice shot!

I was sitting there in section 114 right in the center.

That might be me just behind the child sitting on his mother's shoulders.

I sent in some photos for the slide show, you can see them from behind in one.

The red balloon being bounced around in the foreground dropped down just as I snapped of shot of Ronnie Paul, who started off the event.

Great event. Much cheering and appropriate "Boo's".

I would say anywhere between 3,000-3,500 there.

"I sleep well." Ron Paul


Those were nice photos you sent.

I didn't know if that was a balloon or the top of some light fixture :)