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News: All Texas Speeches-Now OFFICIAL-Thousands Swarmed Every City, Every Speech

We'll be covering UC Davis and San Diego next Thursday and Friday

Follow This Daily Paul Post for Ron Paul in California

Watch THIS! It's Great and there's more coming.

HOUSTON SLIDESHOW Only 1 can fill this arena

We'll be adding webcasts with interactivity improvements. And, we'll be sending out news releases to promote coverage of the speeches-Follow it in the California Post linked above

Vids/Pics/Articles on ALL Texas Cities at bottom of this post


Subscribe to YouTube Channel for Ron Paul Speech films:

Watch - "Freedom Storm: Speech on Independence Mall, Philadelphia

If attending Email Vids/Pics and Reports

For Reports on speeches Follow these reporters on Twitter
email winliberty@gmail.com to be added to this list

Follow WinLiberty @winliberty

Follow Tyler Groce - Reporting from Houston @Texans4Paul

Houston 7pm CST/Free Seating Reservations from ronpaul2012.com

Friday: April 27-Houston/University of Texas

News and links of interest will appear below for each city:

El Paso

AP has a short article before El Paso Speech

Article about Paul speech on Local TV website- 1 day ahead of event

El Paso SlideShow - Some great pics HERE

Slideshow from Angel Clark-many good shots

El Paso Times-FANTASTIC SLIDESHOW from Daily Paul user "newsbuster"

Good Article from El Paso Times

Article: Good, from KFOX, Channel 14 from Puma for Life

El Paso MeetUp Group-Give them some Thanks!-read their discussion of Event from fonta

Video: Short clip, enthusiastic crowd!

Video:FULL El Paso Speech-Taken from IPAD, Shot "Widescreen" so it's SIDEWAYS for some, but good color. vid from jon clark - subscribe to user's YouTube Channel jclark9789

Video: El Paso Speech Pt. 1

Video: El Paso Speech Pt. 2


Local article, before Paul's speech-Good Quote by Jesse Benton

Many GREAT Pics from Austin in this Slideshow

Article: Campus Newspaper

Article & Audio: READ THIS! Texas Tribune has THE BIG LIE This lying "news organization" suggests the size of Paul's crowds "rivals" the supposedly large crowds for Mitt Romney and Obama

Video: Local TV interviews Ron Paul from Daily Paul user HonorGod

Video: Austin Channel 7 Interviews Ron Paul from Daily Paul user FreeYourself

Video: Local TV-Good footage and Article, Watch!

Video: Full Austin Speech from Daily

Article: What Paul told his audience--Very Good Article


Watch THIS: Katharine Memole Discusses Recording Ron Paul History


Video: When Bill and Hill last played the Hofheinz Arena 1 candidate CAN fill this

Video Clip: Line waiting to get into Houston Venue

Video: Houston Channel 13, pretty good report on the crowd and Paul's intentions

Video: Good "homemade" clip of Intro Song from Daily Paul user ACinMA

Reports from Media around the nation

Paul campaign announces 2 new California speeches-UC Davis (near Sacramento) and San Diego

Article: Local TV station discussed Paul "True Believers" in Philadelphia Storm

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Good Job Texas!!! But Watch Out for California Next Week!!!

Thank you Texas for all of your SUPPORT for our Champion of Liberty!!! You were all GREAT!!!

But the RECORD CROWDS have come from California and I am already predicting a RECORD THRONG at UC-Davis next week.

The campus is 15 minutes from Sacramento, the State Capital, and just over an hour from the Bay Area,
6.5 million. In addition, Travis AFB with a large military population is just 15 minutes south.

The event is on the outdoor Quad, much like the events at UT-Texas, Chico State and UC-Berkeley.

We could break 10,000........and we still have UC-San Diego!!!!

Oh. baby, are you READY!!!!!

right on pal

would be sweet if i guy could hit the radio stations there a promote rp ! maybe not enough time but a quick 15 second spots a few times a day would be awesome ... i bet the Lame strem media would even have to run for cover on that one .. Godspeed ... rock out rp!

gary gettis

We're doing news promotion

Next week, all week leading into the UC Davis event.

I live in the Sacramento area, the school is about 40 minutes from here to parking there.

While I'll be stuck on the computer covering it (and trying to raise the necessary funds to have it filmed) and therefore unable to attend, we WILL do extensive promotion, more than I was able to do last time for the Northern California trip.

There at least will be news media there at the event; whether or not good footage makes it to air (and into print) depends on follow-up.

We'll ask people here at Daily Paul to do follow-up. Sometime early next week I'll have a post up with regional media contacts who have received our news release and then it's up to the DP community to follow up with phone calls and emails.


I'm grateful for these inspiring photos, but can these be shared? Can anyone supply some images we can share around to keep up the morale and get the message out?

they are meant to be shared

the entire link at Daily Paul can easily be shared.

The ZOHO slideshow has tools built in for sharing.

The whole thing (either the Daily Paul post OR the Slideshow itself) can be emailed, Dugg, "Delicioused" Google+, whatever else.

The individual YouTube videos have a share link right at the top and also under the "more info" tab.

It's easy to share everything.

For Facebook, I usually just insert a link into a post I send around Facebook, hitting as many Ron Paul groups as I can in the available time...there's never enough time to hit all of 'em, but I've done alot of that and so can everyone else.



That makes me feel better-better. Wait until all those people go home to see themselves on the news and go.. huh?

Kathleen Gee's picture

Watch the "Line waiting to get into Houston Venue" video...

And notice how diverse the crowd is.

I guess all those black people and hispanic people and Asian people didn't get the MSM's memo that Ron Paul is a "raaaaaaaaaaacist."

Looks like all the middle-aged and elderly people didn't get the message that "only college kids like Ron Paul."

Looks like all those women didn't get the message that "only liberal Democrats care about women."

Freedom is popular. It brings people together.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Yes, that was the best part of the night

@Texans4Paul is Tyler Groce, and he's been great this week, knows what is important to show and he shows it, first in Austin and again tonight!

Great guy! His battery ran low again tonight, that's all that slows him down :)

Gotta assume speech is over - it's 8:15 CST

I'll post Pics, Vids and reports later tonight or early in AM.

More PICS promised, but low battery from reporter in Auditorium

@Texans4Paul reporting size of crowd

@Texans4Paul estimates approx 3,000 in Houston

pic showing crowd

heres another


none of these are my pics im finding them on twitter:

Thank you

Great pics!

Thanks for posting and love the commentary above the first one.

Several Good Crowd Shots

I have just the one reliable source tonight, someone in the arena, and reporting via Twitter.

I've also linked one of the quick vids he posted earlier, of the line 1 1/2 hour prior to event.

The crowd is large, I have no idea how full the arena is; I assume they are filling section by section, so I don't know what percentage is filled.

More pics likely to come, I'll add immediately to the Slideshow


Thanks for posting! One last

Thanks for posting! One last request, can you make the pic size bigger so my old eyes can see better : ) ?

I can make it larger

But it throws out all resolution, so your eyes, like mine, couldn't bear it

It looks full...

what's the seating capacity. Why is no one tweeting? Really, no reporting at all.

there are tweets

Just Added New Pics

It's now time for Paul's speech.

Just added Pics from inside Auditorium.

Pics courtesy of



I don't tweet, so can someone

I don't tweet, so can someone tell Texans4Paul to please put up crowd pics at the arena, not just individual sign pics? And maybe some reporting, small blurbs of what Paul is saying and/or crowd responses?

It's in the Slideshow

I'm doing that in the SlideShow

It's all there at the end.

If I get any reports I do that.

I'm not reporting Paul's speech. Unless it's a different speech.

I haven't got time to type the same things over and over.

It's the people supporting him I'm interested in reporting.

The growth in that number, the repeated crowds in different cities.

Many of us have been hearing and making the same speech for decades now.

The entire point of this is to get out this information to others. Not to watch and do nothing.

I'm reporting so that people share the info with everyone they know.

The slideshow I saw earlier

The slideshow I saw earlier didn't have pics of the crowd inside. And I'm interested in the crowd reaction too. I went to twitter and there are some pics being posted. It looks like they blocked off the floor space and many of the sections behind where Paul is speaking, so maybe 2/3rd of the seats are full, but hard to tell.

We started putting up crowd pics very early

It is hard to tell. News reports have it at "nearly 4,000", at least some of the reports. Our main Twitter reporter, Texans4Paul emailed me that he thought it was less than half full, so estimated approx. 3,000

The crowd, and the reactions of the crowd is the main thing I want to display, to record.

We share crowd pics, and we encourage those sending us crowd pics to share, which is why they are all over Twitter too, at the same time.

With Twitter, it means they start to spread on Twitter even before we can add them in the Slideshow, but they go up on the Slideshow soon after.

Just watched video of line...

and there are people there registering people to vote. So, no complaining.

Isn't Texas an open primary

Isn't Texas an open primary anyways?

Yes, but do you think everyone's registered

to vote?

I'm glad they are registering

I'm glad they are registering people to vote, but would be nice while all those folks are standing in line on their smart phones, if they could go to ronpaul2012 and donate!