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News: All Texas Speeches-Now OFFICIAL-Thousands Swarmed Every City, Every Speech

We'll be covering UC Davis and San Diego next Thursday and Friday

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Watch THIS! It's Great and there's more coming.

HOUSTON SLIDESHOW Only 1 can fill this arena

We'll be adding webcasts with interactivity improvements. And, we'll be sending out news releases to promote coverage of the speeches-Follow it in the California Post linked above

Vids/Pics/Articles on ALL Texas Cities at bottom of this post


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Watch - "Freedom Storm: Speech on Independence Mall, Philadelphia

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Friday: April 27-Houston/University of Texas

News and links of interest will appear below for each city:

El Paso

AP has a short article before El Paso Speech

Article about Paul speech on Local TV website- 1 day ahead of event

El Paso SlideShow - Some great pics HERE

Slideshow from Angel Clark-many good shots

El Paso Times-FANTASTIC SLIDESHOW from Daily Paul user "newsbuster"

Good Article from El Paso Times

Article: Good, from KFOX, Channel 14 from Puma for Life

El Paso MeetUp Group-Give them some Thanks!-read their discussion of Event from fonta

Video: Short clip, enthusiastic crowd!

Video:FULL El Paso Speech-Taken from IPAD, Shot "Widescreen" so it's SIDEWAYS for some, but good color. vid from jon clark - subscribe to user's YouTube Channel jclark9789

Video: El Paso Speech Pt. 1

Video: El Paso Speech Pt. 2


Local article, before Paul's speech-Good Quote by Jesse Benton

Many GREAT Pics from Austin in this Slideshow

Article: Campus Newspaper

Article & Audio: READ THIS! Texas Tribune has THE BIG LIE This lying "news organization" suggests the size of Paul's crowds "rivals" the supposedly large crowds for Mitt Romney and Obama

Video: Local TV interviews Ron Paul from Daily Paul user HonorGod

Video: Austin Channel 7 Interviews Ron Paul from Daily Paul user FreeYourself

Video: Local TV-Good footage and Article, Watch!

Video: Full Austin Speech from Daily

Article: What Paul told his audience--Very Good Article


Watch THIS: Katharine Memole Discusses Recording Ron Paul History


Video: When Bill and Hill last played the Hofheinz Arena 1 candidate CAN fill this

Video Clip: Line waiting to get into Houston Venue

Video: Houston Channel 13, pretty good report on the crowd and Paul's intentions

Video: Good "homemade" clip of Intro Song from Daily Paul user ACinMA

Reports from Media around the nation

Paul campaign announces 2 new California speeches-UC Davis (near Sacramento) and San Diego

Article: Local TV station discussed Paul "True Believers" in Philadelphia Storm

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The campaign has no money for that

Professionally, I've run canvass operations of all kinds for decades. I've run most of them in California and have worked 'em all over the nation.

Fact is, to do California, one had to begin about a year ago in order to hold the costs down.

To have ANY measurable positive effect now, give me 50 million and then we are starting to get to a number which might make an impact.

It's too late. It's way, way too late.

TV is NOT the way, it's far less effective than true Voter ID and GOTV.

In order to effectively do the GOTV one must already have data from the Voter ID.

It's about turning out voters, absentee ballots, etc, etc. etc.

It's NOT about last minute wheel spinning which just makes some donors poorer.

It costs 50 mil to buy

It costs 50 mil to buy adspace on big three affiliates in California? Yipes! You know better than me but wow, that seems high.

"Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will be beneficial is not freedom." - Hayek

It's not 3

It's media markets. You don't buy just ABC, you buy all affiliates in each market, or some affiliates in some markets...any way you slice it, you are going for markets.

A campaign MIGHT choose to target one media market in order to cover an entire congressional district. To cover another would require buying into one or more additional media markets.

Statewide, the more you slice and dice by trying to be exact (which you try to be) the higher you drive your costs per audience member.

Count 'em up, just count up those media markets and don't forget the independents, who might well be very important for you to pay...they drive up the costs too. Just google media markets Texas or something like that.

In California, where I'm more familiar, you count Sacramento (my residence area) as one market while San Francisco is another. Go down south there are more. In between, still more.

In Texas (I've never managed an effort there) I understand the problem is even worse...stands to reason, because while California is large, Texas is real, real big.

Learn something new everyday

That's really a shame because I know tv advertising does make a difference to the large chunk of voters who still rely on tv for their news. I swear nobody would have ever heard of Tom Smith (sadly, PA's chosen senate candidate to oppose Casey) in Pa had he not been running ads nonstop on cbs, nbc, and abc.

"Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will be beneficial is not freedom." - Hayek

not with the time remaining

sure, but you don't learn it in just days.

TV ads are about repetition.

Hundreds of airings before it begins to seep into those uninformed skulls...and that's if the other side or outside, uncontrollable events, like an earthquake or something, doesn't interfere.

There is no time for that.

The history of American politics is filled with examples of someone who thought they would win simply by writing big checks.

In California, Google "Michael Huffington" (ex of Ariana) or "Meg Whitman" for examples from fairly recent past boondoggles.

Some good articles now linked above

There are some good articles and local TV video reports now linked in the original post above--- in response to the speech and large crowd.

There's also one Big Lie from something called The Texas Tribune.

Read that, go and comment if you choose...I did, and I rarely comment in response to that kind of stupid and worthless "publication".

However, that kind of "journalism" is particularly disgusting AND that specific article was high up in Google at the time I spotted it with a "news search".

Full video of Austin Texas 4/26/12

Full video: http://youtu.be/KbWyO6HOFgY

Jason Rink is the Executive Director of the Foundation for a Free Society. He is the the producer and director of Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, and the author of “Ron Paul: Father of the Tea Party” the biography of Congressman Ron Paul.


Ron Paul on KTCB TV 4/26/12


"Freedom is never easy in a world of tyranny" - ME

Finally winning states and

Finally winning states and the masses are showing it at every event. http://youtu.be/ZWRrJ9UvFcg Ron Paul may be shut out by the media and the antics and mayhem keep happening at the caucuses...the mainstream media is just lucky that we aren't as crazy as Tyler Durden army...

A beautiful evening with Liberty.

Ron Paul brought his Austin speech and it was great!

Defending the right to food liberty, medical liberty, and liberty liberty, he also warned against "False Flags" designed to get us into war. "You know like if they blow up a ship somewhere...." He said that we all need to learn to recognize war propaganda. (Wow Ron, you are right the Maine, the Lusitania, USS Maddox...good advice.)

There was no mixing of worlds this evening and a call to the R3VOLution.

It was poorly produced with bad sound and no warm up introductions or theme music. But, the inability of the campaign to produce these rallies in a way adds to the charm. All we want is some truth.


The Cole


I imagine if China stationed a destroyer-class ship in San Francisco bay, there's be some hothead who would want it gone!

Freedom is my Worship Word!


and I love the "No mixing of words" appeal!

There's another runner, damn!


don't stop now! :)

There's another runner, damn!

walmart jobs

Why It's So Much Better Than the Great Depression


Austin News Coverage


Absolutely no less than 3000. I am not good at numbers counting in a crowd setting, but surely more than 3000. Not bad for the hottest day in Austin since the new year.

Additionally, the crowd was at least 70% 20-30yr old, 10% under 20 and the rest... us old people.

Side note... YNN in Austin is supposed to have coverage at 10pm (now)with an interview. At least that was what I heard this morning..


One On One interview NOW!

Ron Paul in SPAIN... they know what's up!


A must SEE! the r3VOLution is ON!!!!!!!!!!


Of all the campaigns I've been through...

I'm sixty-something, so I've seen a few campaigns - I was in on AuH2O 64, for example... But in all these years, this is the first time I've ever even heard of people in other countries supporting ANYONE in the USA!!!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

BO's fellow travelers in Berlin were agog in 2008

but perhaps that was more anti-Bush sentiment than pro-Obama.

"This is an anti-Bush rally," said one man, an employee of the German government, reluctant to reveal his name because of his job. "


Yeah spain way to go my friends!

We are the change we have been waiting for. Rons message of liberty can bring the world together and also allow us to be who we are a nations and as individuals. Never stop Spain never stop! The whole world should be doing this. If we the people of the world do not step up and say enough is enough we will be ruled by elites who are not even citizens of our own countries. Stand up individuals of the world stand up for your neighbors right to be different and free. Lets all agree on one thing. Let us all hold tight to the same tree. Let us hold firm to the tree of liberty.

I love seeing people from all over the world speak out for individual liberty.

Agent Provocateur?

What was with that guy with the unreadable sign?

That's what I was wondering

purposely blocking the camera?

Austin rally

I'm fighting traffic after the rally. There was a really great showing, I would estimate At least 3000 easily. Could be more...I have a few short video clips...cant wait to see one in HD. I would have to say the R3VOLUTION is alive and well in Austin....

someone on RonPaul radio...

just estimated the crowd at 6,000...