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News: All Texas Speeches-Now OFFICIAL-Thousands Swarmed Every City, Every Speech

We'll be covering UC Davis and San Diego next Thursday and Friday

Follow This Daily Paul Post for Ron Paul in California

Watch THIS! It's Great and there's more coming.

HOUSTON SLIDESHOW Only 1 can fill this arena

We'll be adding webcasts with interactivity improvements. And, we'll be sending out news releases to promote coverage of the speeches-Follow it in the California Post linked above

Vids/Pics/Articles on ALL Texas Cities at bottom of this post


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Watch - "Freedom Storm: Speech on Independence Mall, Philadelphia

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Houston 7pm CST/Free Seating Reservations from ronpaul2012.com

Friday: April 27-Houston/University of Texas

News and links of interest will appear below for each city:

El Paso

AP has a short article before El Paso Speech

Article about Paul speech on Local TV website- 1 day ahead of event

El Paso SlideShow - Some great pics HERE

Slideshow from Angel Clark-many good shots

El Paso Times-FANTASTIC SLIDESHOW from Daily Paul user "newsbuster"

Good Article from El Paso Times

Article: Good, from KFOX, Channel 14 from Puma for Life

El Paso MeetUp Group-Give them some Thanks!-read their discussion of Event from fonta

Video: Short clip, enthusiastic crowd!

Video:FULL El Paso Speech-Taken from IPAD, Shot "Widescreen" so it's SIDEWAYS for some, but good color. vid from jon clark - subscribe to user's YouTube Channel jclark9789

Video: El Paso Speech Pt. 1

Video: El Paso Speech Pt. 2


Local article, before Paul's speech-Good Quote by Jesse Benton

Many GREAT Pics from Austin in this Slideshow

Article: Campus Newspaper

Article & Audio: READ THIS! Texas Tribune has THE BIG LIE This lying "news organization" suggests the size of Paul's crowds "rivals" the supposedly large crowds for Mitt Romney and Obama

Video: Local TV interviews Ron Paul from Daily Paul user HonorGod

Video: Austin Channel 7 Interviews Ron Paul from Daily Paul user FreeYourself

Video: Local TV-Good footage and Article, Watch!

Video: Full Austin Speech from Daily

Article: What Paul told his audience--Very Good Article


Watch THIS: Katharine Memole Discusses Recording Ron Paul History


Video: When Bill and Hill last played the Hofheinz Arena 1 candidate CAN fill this

Video Clip: Line waiting to get into Houston Venue

Video: Houston Channel 13, pretty good report on the crowd and Paul's intentions

Video: Good "homemade" clip of Intro Song from Daily Paul user ACinMA

Reports from Media around the nation

Paul campaign announces 2 new California speeches-UC Davis (near Sacramento) and San Diego

Article: Local TV station discussed Paul "True Believers" in Philadelphia Storm

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crowd count?


The Guy at the FBN Studio was telling

everyone 4500 people were there...I don't know.

Thank You Dr. Paul For Another Wonderful


You did not even ask anyone to go to the polls and vote for you...

You did not even ask anyone to donate to your Campaign...

You did not even once attack Romney..

You are obviously, not running for the Presidency, Dr. Paul...

And yes, I am angry about this "Milk toast" effort...

We are just getting used to fund your "College Lecture Circuit"...

$2,500 dollars down the tubes for me :-(

No, Really...It's True...$2,500 Down The Tubes For


Here are your transaction details:
Donation amount: $500.00
Transaction date/time: 2012-02-29 04:53:33
Transaction ID: 342237540

Here are your transaction details:
Donation amount: $250.00
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-23 04:53:49
Transaction ID: 347902192

Here are your transaction details:
Donation amount: $250.00
Transaction date/time: 2012-04-14 23:01:40
Transaction ID: 353569370

Here are your transaction details:
Donation amount: $1000.00
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Transaction ID: 353705750

Here are your transaction details:
Donation amount: $500.00
Transaction date/time: 2012-04-15 20:14:25
Transaction ID: 353766520

Bless you! I am heading to

Bless you! I am heading to the max out club myself one paycheck at a time.

Official campaign vs grassroot - you and I

It is not too far fetched that some supporters have reservations on how the official campaign run things. I love the grassroot effort that you see so overwhelmingly expressed on dailypaul. Yet the official campaign - some people have publically spoken about their dissatifaction. Why some people start to not donate as much, well, think about this: The delegates/alternates have to use their personal funds (several thousand dollars) to go to Tempa. But they are really the core staff of the national campaign in my opionion. We are not hearing national campaign allocate funds to help support the delegates going to Tempa. We see a lot of legal disputes arise throughout the country - but the official campaign in most cases has not been involved in helping. They leave it to each state/district. We need to support the elected delegates/alternates financially. They are real and they are doing their job as best as they can.

This campaign should be bottom up not just top down - we are the ones who fund the campaign, and volunteer our time and energy for the campaign. We have the brainstorm power and the wisdom. There are a lot of great ideas/action plans on this platform (thank you dailypaul). I think the official campaign should tap into us more. They should have a few staff members keep up with all the feedback on dailypaul. If the donation becomes less than expected, maybe it has to do how people think money should be spent and how better campaign should be run. Listen to the voices here, esp. those who expressed reservations or a little bit criticism. Maybe there need to be a by-weekly meeting between a couple of people in the official campaign and a couple of people on daily paul - an exchange to contructive feedback.

I salute you for the max

I salute you for the max donation. But how can you come on here and be so negative? Down the drain? Are you serious? Do you understand what this is about?

It is about the freedom and liberty of all of us!
It is about this once great country that is failing fast!

Please get your head out of the sand! Wipe the pitiful frown off of your face and continue on. Do not give up. EVER

This is far from over. There is alot to do.

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Another person that wants

Another person that wants someone that is not like all other polititions, but demands him to be like all the others.

What is needed is groups of supporters with calls to action before and after the speech. No need for a president that is a parent telling us every little thing that is needed.

I get the same type of responses from my boys when ever I give them a chance to be a man and take responsibility for themselves. My oldest is now a pro-active fully responsible man.

Look Man,

Dr. Paul only has one opponent now...He should be pointing out the facts about Romney, just like he did against Santorum...

Do you see yourself in the Oval Office in November, Dr. Paul?

Dr. Paul says, "No, not really"...

And then, in the latest Cavuto interview...

"Right now you're about 800 delegates behind Mitt Romney, he's a couple a hundred away. So, is it really his?"

Dr. Paul answers, "Yeah, I think it's pretty much so."

That Sir, is not the kind of talk that people busting their tails for DR. Paul like to hear from their Candidate...

He just shot himself in the foot on National Television...

No . . . You look Man,His

No . . . You look Man,

His apparent "friendship" with Mitt has given him more free air time then all the ads could, to talk about how Mitt is opposite of him, a flip flopper, big gov. man and a liberal, and against civil liberties.

You have fallen for the MSM line of thinking about "not seeing himself in the Oval Office". What they see as bad, most of us see as good.

Your last point with the interview with Cavuto is the only point I will give you a little leway. It is a little disheartening, but as I said elsewhere . . .

Maybe it is true that we can't win because we don't have the balls for the fight. Maybe our attitude should be "we will show Ron Paul that we can win", instead of begging for scraps of encouragement from someone that has been whipped for so long. I don't think we have run into the worst of the battle yet. Get ready for more.

he has to make nice with Mitt

Bain Capital owns Clear Channel.
That's how the game is played. He has to get as much attention as possible and it doesn't look like he wants to sling mud, and I don't blame him. His message is clear enough philosophically without having to use miscreant tactics and name calling.

I just have to hope the GOP status quo keeps forgetting to show up at their conventions like was the case in TX. Maybe if Romney "delegates" are really Liberty people, they will abstain in the first round. I don't know if it can be done. If that happens then the fight is on. If it doesn't, Obama gets the presidency.

The dollar fail will "kill" Obama's second term and the republic as well. Obama will "have" to devolve the republic into a Chavez style "democracy" with UN (protection of central bank interests) oversight and opposition will be silenced.

In the cycle of things we should stand and fight to the end. That's what men do. However if I had major cash I'd start an Anarchist Flotilla to keep free societies alive. I'd start buying up tankers and barges and tying them together. I'd tow them to different locales until the right one was found for safety and essentials etc.
Then again if I had major cash I might just be one of the jackass elites trying to enslave everyone.

No he did not!

How can you forget the original plan? and not stick w/it now that proof is it works?


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

He's not campaigning like that...

although I agree with you about his answers tonight. I really wish he could understand how that deflates his supporters.

Dr Paul

is not an ordinary politician. This is how he is going to do it. He is too humble and ego-less to act as other politicians. However, I feel it is the campaign's responsibility to have intro speakers who ask for money, talk to people about voting and tell them to go to polls, etc. That's where the problem is. I don't get it either. Who is John Tate and what is his experience running campaigns?

John Tate Is A Long-Time Political

operative who has spent the last 26 years working in the political, lobbying and non-profit world in the areas of high dollar fundraising, direct mail, political strategy, grassroots activism and non-profit management.

He is the founder and President of JFT Consulting, Inc. a consulting firm that specializes in political strategy, fundraising and grassroots lobbying. John served as the National Political Director for The Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Committee and is currently President of the newly formed Campaign for Liberty.


Whatcha wanna bet?

What are the odds that a guy like that would donate his services? We're living on a shoestring here, you know!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

He has political connections

but that does not necessarily make you a good campaign manager. His positions have mostly been VP this and VP that. Mayb he is good at managing bureaucracies but not activist campaigns? I don't know, somehow the campaign seems to be missing the boat, but it is always easy to second guess someone else's game. What do I know.

The Live Stream Is Working A Lot

better now...

Seems to be better now...

for how long? Who knows...


keeps cutting in and out.

As We Listen To Dr. Paul Live From

Austin tonight, we're going know for sure, whether he is in this to win the Presidency or not...If Dr. Paul does not go on the offensive and start attacking his ONLY Remaining opponent, Romney...

It's a two-man race now, the gloves need to come off and fight for our country and win this election in November...

I'm not impressed

Romney is Obama's clone for the most part. If Paul does not start attacking Romney the etch-a-sketch professional flip-flopper on the many issues he and Obama have supported he will have me wondering why the campaign refuses to do the obvious intelligent thing. This speech tonight is for the most part the same speech he has given for the last several rallies. I'm not impressed. Its time for the campaign to take the gloves to come off and get some press by going on the attack. There is too much at steak to be playing around.

Ron needs to attack Romney on

Ron needs to attack Romney on his position on war with Iran. Romney made it very clear he will attack Iran if he is elected. The American people have a choice to make, do they want another war or not? Ron needs to make it very clear, a vote for Romney is a vote for war.. This fact should be stressed over and over until the voters get it.



Ok now..

livestreaming from Austin...sunny and warm, no rain.

Okay I reloaded fbn, and it's

Okay I reloaded fbn, and it's not frozen, but is giving me news from Philly still. What am I doing wrong? I even clicked on live from Austin.

Freedom Broadcasting..

livestreaming now!


How come my fbn shows a guy

How come my fbn shows a guy in a rain slicker (Philly perhaps?). It looks like it's been loading for the last 10 minutes.

Just read this...wow...