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News: All Texas Speeches-Now OFFICIAL-Thousands Swarmed Every City, Every Speech

We'll be covering UC Davis and San Diego next Thursday and Friday

Follow This Daily Paul Post for Ron Paul in California

Watch THIS! It's Great and there's more coming.

HOUSTON SLIDESHOW Only 1 can fill this arena

We'll be adding webcasts with interactivity improvements. And, we'll be sending out news releases to promote coverage of the speeches-Follow it in the California Post linked above

Vids/Pics/Articles on ALL Texas Cities at bottom of this post


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Watch - "Freedom Storm: Speech on Independence Mall, Philadelphia

If attending Email Vids/Pics and Reports

For Reports on speeches Follow these reporters on Twitter
email winliberty@gmail.com to be added to this list

Follow WinLiberty @winliberty

Follow Tyler Groce - Reporting from Houston @Texans4Paul

Houston 7pm CST/Free Seating Reservations from ronpaul2012.com

Friday: April 27-Houston/University of Texas

News and links of interest will appear below for each city:

El Paso

AP has a short article before El Paso Speech

Article about Paul speech on Local TV website- 1 day ahead of event

El Paso SlideShow - Some great pics HERE

Slideshow from Angel Clark-many good shots

El Paso Times-FANTASTIC SLIDESHOW from Daily Paul user "newsbuster"

Good Article from El Paso Times

Article: Good, from KFOX, Channel 14 from Puma for Life

El Paso MeetUp Group-Give them some Thanks!-read their discussion of Event from fonta

Video: Short clip, enthusiastic crowd!

Video:FULL El Paso Speech-Taken from IPAD, Shot "Widescreen" so it's SIDEWAYS for some, but good color. vid from jon clark - subscribe to user's YouTube Channel jclark9789

Video: El Paso Speech Pt. 1

Video: El Paso Speech Pt. 2


Local article, before Paul's speech-Good Quote by Jesse Benton

Many GREAT Pics from Austin in this Slideshow

Article: Campus Newspaper

Article & Audio: READ THIS! Texas Tribune has THE BIG LIE This lying "news organization" suggests the size of Paul's crowds "rivals" the supposedly large crowds for Mitt Romney and Obama

Video: Local TV interviews Ron Paul from Daily Paul user HonorGod

Video: Austin Channel 7 Interviews Ron Paul from Daily Paul user FreeYourself

Video: Local TV-Good footage and Article, Watch!

Video: Full Austin Speech from Daily

Article: What Paul told his audience--Very Good Article


Watch THIS: Katharine Memole Discusses Recording Ron Paul History


Video: When Bill and Hill last played the Hofheinz Arena 1 candidate CAN fill this

Video Clip: Line waiting to get into Houston Venue

Video: Houston Channel 13, pretty good report on the crowd and Paul's intentions

Video: Good "homemade" clip of Intro Song from Daily Paul user ACinMA

Reports from Media around the nation

Paul campaign announces 2 new California speeches-UC Davis (near Sacramento) and San Diego

Article: Local TV station discussed Paul "True Believers" in Philadelphia Storm

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Let me know her reaction so I

Let me know her reaction so I can better edit it in a way that can convince other progressives. Any tips/pointers would be appreciated. :)

good luck. you could always

good luck. you could always say that one more vote for Paul makes Romney look bad if she's an Obama girl. Plus, if she goes then she can say I gave him a chance and I don't like him. We all know that hearing Ron Paul is way different than hearing about Ron Paul.

Now That This Is A Two-Man Race...

It's time to take off the gloves and "Fight" for the Presidency...

It's time to launch an all out attack on "Flip-Flop" Romney...

There's a New Free Candidate

There's a New Free Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul Vs Mitt Romney just for Texas Primary. You may want to pass these out.


I printed this out

for my state. Thanks.


I'm glad you thought it

I'm glad you thought it useful :) The next few days are extremely important to get people registered and since it's an open primary in texas, there should be no excuse of "I don't want to be registered as a Republican"

Help! Please look at this link and tell me if it's good


That's Channel 9 covering El Paso, I saw they had a clip on their news site...I can't view it--- I DON'T know if it's current news or old.

Let me know if it's working, if it's about the speech last night and if I should link it

emalvini's picture

Sorry Johnny! The clip is not loading for me..

Maybe you can fix it somehow..

This clip never loaded for me either.


New Hampshire and Ecuador.

UTEP Video

I just got back to Las Cruces from the El Paso event. I'm uploading the video to YouTube right now, but it's gonna take a while. I'll post the link in the morning!

I'm a Youth for Ron Paul member at NMSU, so we got to go backstage after his speech and got to MEET HIM!!! I got my picture taken, got to shake his hand, and exchanged a few words. This has been a GREAT night!!!



GET THIS OUT, I'm not from Texas: http://www.dailypaul.com/229005/texas-emergency

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Photos: Ron Paul visits UTEP

Photos: Ron Paul visits UTEP, El Paso Times

thank you

it's linked here at Daily Paul, I've added it to the WinLiberty Slideshow and of course others now are able to distribute widely.

Some very fine pics in this Slideshow.

I love Ron Paul's Salute to the El Paso Crowd!

jeffjeffjeff's picture

I definitely recommend

I definitely recommend splitting this type of post up into separate posts. It's just way to chaotic and way too much information for a single post. Unfortunately I think many people are skipping over some of the more relevant information made in the post and updated over time.

that's why it IS split

All it takes is reading the top, then doing what it says: under El Paso, Austin, Etc.

we beat ya to it :)

beat ya to it :)

It's in the second slideshow, the one from Angel Clark, who also caught some more of the Ron Paul organizers from UTEP---I don't understand the need for the pic of the brick wall in the dark parking lot taken a few days before the show, and didn't use that photo myself, but I guess Angel believes in being thorough :)

Free Candidate Comparison

Free Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul vs Mitt Romney CALIFORNIA Edition: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0oRX5D16N4XZG1US2UwM3ZLNTQ/...

El Paso?

so...anyone know what is going on in El Paso?

1,200 plus in post, updated above

Packed house, 1,200+ --- a few photos over at the slideshow, got one good one, in post


I'm glad they got a good turnout. 1,200 is great for that area. There really are not any other towns to draw from other than Las Cruces, NM, which is also a primarily Hispanic, Democratic town.

took a nap

Now I'm checking on news which came late---adding some good photos and promised Video of the Speech---I'll link when I have it.

check the Statesman article

Yeah, watch the post tomorrow, hopefully the tv news will have something.

Also, read the post for Austin, from the Statesman, that reporter seems fair, lists his biz phone and has been reprinted around the state on that article.

He should get some calls, some thanks, etc.

We did a news release in El Paso and are catching up to do a last minute thing of TV for Austin and Houston...no point in us even trying to get print...and that guy did it on his own and has been reprinted...


... coming in five minutes? Thanks bro, Slevin, much appreciated.

Plano TX

Oops sorry...

... not tonight, but tomorrow night from Austin?

Plano TX


we're helping a good Ron Paul supporter promote a film he's making to support the cause.

Daily Paul user Nui is shooting in Austin. He's not streaming, he's making a shoot similar to what he's done before.

It's all in the post above. I don't want to type it again.

They want $5 from each of

They want $5 from each of us..I parted with 6, so hope others want to keep this stuff coming, which I AM SURE will improve,,