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Where Is Ron Paul's Victory Rally for MN, CO, IA, Etc.?

If Ron Paul is really in it to win it, which I believe he is, he needs to start acknowledging his wins. Have a press conference. Have a rally...that would dwarf Romney's numbers. Don't wait until the next tour stop to talk to thousands that will never be televised. TIME TO TAKE THE BULL BY THE HORNS, RON!

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He didn't win Colorado. Why

He didn't win Colorado. Why make it easy for people to discredit you? At BEST, he is tied...not counting the superdelegates which will go to Romney. And Romney picked up 4 more delegates than he was expecting to. There is NO way to look at Colorado as a positive, unless you to shooting for second place. Colorado got Romney CLOSER to 1144 than the media had been reporting all year. (You know...those numbers you have said were way too HIGH for Romney?)

How many hours in a day does the man have to do it all?

Yes: our egos need him to celebrate w/us; but thank god for logic--he is rallying major events where thousands go to listen to our message via Dr. Paul in cities where they don't show up for the other two. Patience is a virtue and the rally you want is coming. I went to St. Paul Mn, in '08, and even though Dr. Paul didn't win the nomination, we rallied and knew that we were winning the hearts and minds of many that would make a difference in the very near future--and here we are all in a much greater number. For me, being there in '07 and '08, watching the HUGE awakening and support today -- give yourselves a BIG pat on the back. Keep it moving and wait for the big celebration. It's coming. You/we all are more important than we give ourselves credit for. Be patient--Dr. Paul will acknowledge us/you and so will history.

what about....

Well, to me, these kinds of things come after a big countdown or something. Ron Paul is running a marathon(one that never ends), not a 100 meter dash. To me that's what the primaries are for the most part. Little victories, beauty pageants, ect. If he ever does win a primary(if the powers that be play fair), then he should indeed have one. But the delegate process is one that creeps for days, weeks, and then some. He's acknowledged it...but I'd imagine he's too busy engaging in other campaign matters to stop and hold a victory rally.



You DO realize that thte

You DO realize that thte delegate process doesn't mean a fucking thing if (when) Romney sweeps the rest of the BOUND state primaries and sails way past 1144, right?

IT really seems likee thois board is not excited about second place. That is the only explanation for being so excited over two vctories in states that Romney wasn't SUPPOSED to get many delegates in....along with the three states (Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota) where Romney got MORE than he was supposed to.

Good Question - I had not

Good Question - I had not thought of that. But it is a great idea and should be encouraged. It would help keep morale up among supporters too.


GOOD CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hated watching Romney give his speech to a couple hundred hoodwinked voters, while Paul is pulling in thousands. We had wins too...Ron Paul needs to acknowledge that ON THE NEWS!

Tha't be cool!

Ron Paul bullhorning the media!

On the other hand...

would that possibly stir the resistance known as the Rombots? Just asking. I too would love to rub some MSM faces in it.

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