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Romney: Just another globalist?

One day the world will see the mittney is just like the soterobama because they both take orders from the same overlord puppet master banksters. That evil world domination using money as god bunch of no goods has sure been busy. Yep, those machines need a special oil taken from the tiny sweat glands of the average willard supporter to calculate the algorithms to make those machines work so hard cheating Ron Paul.

Why, did you ever see this link that exposes the mintnster as the globalist he is?


How american and just the kind of perfect haircut for the leader bird job too.

What the average cannot do anything but gloat and persecute Ron Paul supporters of the mittney do not realize is the guy is the same flip-floppin hard core materialist that will do anything for his masters the rothschild bankster empire, which will entail doing his best to get elected, but he won't. He is this election rounds kerry and obama is bush.

Same same.:


And if you don't believe it, just ask him.:


But is there more corruption? Does willard romney have more obama garbage for you? You bet. How about those hidden bank accounts in Switzerland? Show us those tax records willard mittney.



And is there more? Oh yeah...it never ends.




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The same speech writer!?

Don't miss this link among those listed above! Romney and Obama speak alike on many issues almost word-for-word! This is a powerful YouTube composition!

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...we can use this thread for a catch all thread to compile all the corruptions and dirty deeds of willard romney here.