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10 Important Issues only Ron Paul is Addressing

When ever we hear the collectivist on the right or the left talk about reforming these principles, their idea of reform is to make their 'special interest' groups the benificiaries, and away from their cohorts on the opposite political spectrum. When talking to a person who has been made to believe Dr Paul's methods of 'reform' are far too radical, ask them how all the previous so-called 'reforms' pledged by their political hero's has gone? Did the reforms from 8 yrs of GW Bush and four years of GOP control of Congress make their lives any better? Real 'reform' means to eliminate bureucratic unrepairable programs, laws, policies, ect, that continue to degrade our 'general welfare' and our rights to live in a free Republic. A Philosophy based on Freedom and the Constitution is the only remedy for a severely broken system!http://www.activistpost.com/2012/04/10-important-issues-only-ron-paul-is.html