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The Scourge of Usury

Scripture is quite clear on the issue of Usury, but, as Al Thompson explains, key texts have been watered down in translation. Worse, there is every reason to believe that Peter’s Apocalypse, by Christ’s leading disciple, was left out of the Holy Bible because of its stern warning about the punishment for oppressing our brethren with it.

By Al Thompson
(Abridged by Real Currencies)

I was reading the Apocalypse of Peter which appears to have been written by the Apostle Peter mentioned in the Gospels, and found this startling verse:
“And into another place near by, saturated with filth, they throw men and women up to their knees. These are they who lent money and took usury.” (Ethiopian Text)

“And in another great lake, full of discharge and blood and boiling mire, stood men and women up to their knees. These were those who lent money and demanded compound interest.(Akhim Text)

I have studied the Bible for over twenty years, and I never regarded the making of loans with interest as a sin. But when I read this Apoclypse I was stunned.
In many reference books about Biblical literature, this Apocalypse was referred to as “Holy Scripture” in the early Christian church. Given the power bankers have because of interest, it is very possible that the financiers of that time could not tolerate the Apocalypse of Peter to be read, otherwise, they would lose their stranglehold on the economy.


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"I have studied the Bible for over twenty years...

....and I never regarded the making of loans with interest as a sin."

"If he has not exacted usury
Nor taken any increase,
But has withdrawn his hand from iniquity
And executed true judgment between man and man;
If he has walked in My statutes
And kept My judgments faithfully—
He is just;
He shall surely live!”
Says the Lord GOD.

Ezekiel 18:8-9

If he has exacted usury
Or taken increase—
Shall he then live?
He shall not live!
If he has done any of these abominations,
He shall surely die;

Ezekiel 18:13

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Thank you

Very powerful.

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