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Allegheny County, PA results

Here is a link to the district by district breakdown of the votes in Allegheny County.


I checked my town, and I cannot tell if there are any inconsistencies. I know of 2 people that voted for RP plus myself in my precinct of West Elizabeth. Totals

Romney - 7
Paul - 5
Santorum - 3
Gingrich - 2
Write in - 1

Please check for consistency if you can.

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OK...find three more voters for Paul in your precinct...

..and hold a press conference. Call yourselves "Pennsylvanians for an Honest Vote Count" or something...and, SERIOUSLY, hold a presser.

This is what it takes people.


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

937 Undervotes

Meaning that there were 937 Republicans that stepped into the voting booth, but did not cast a ballot for president. This is about 1.4% of voters. Hmmm...anyone want to really get in depth on this and comb over each precinct?