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Why we are actually winning by numbers - hard proof by logic

The reason we are winning is because they are cheating and manipulating it and trying to hide it. If you just came to this site, perhaps you haven't been following - but if you have been following for quite a while as I have, I have lost count of the number of cases of outright fraud this election - and I hope someone is keeping track of all of them, as they need to be brought forward.

Why is that winning?

Because you don't do something in secret if you think the majority of people will approve of it, that's why.

With that, I'll close with saying as numerous other people have, I never meet another candidate's supporter in public - but I've had numerous people come up and talk to me for simply wearing a Ron Paul cap. That's real support and community, not manufactured news.

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The reason we are winning is

The reason we are winning is because they say we are losing?

Yeah, life isn't fair.

We don't live in a society where everyone gets the same food rations, the same housing allotment, the same job opportuniities. One constant though, if something isnt earned, it has no value. So you don't like how the votes are counted. What have you done to change it? Complain on a forum. It's going to take more than that.

Apathy is killing America. We don't like the Pratriot Act that gave us DHS that gave us the TSA. We don't like the NDAA that is stripping us of our Liberty. We have a political champion in Dr Paul. But we must do more than just complaining and looking for excuses. Turn off the TV, scale back your Facebook time. Don't just talk the R3volution, become the R3volution.

They are not voting machines, they are cheating machines.


Help American Vote Act of 2002 Has been a decade long failure, with widespread fraud still rampant. Instead of responding to the needs of the people, States now must respond to a body of appointed officials of the Voting Machine Cartel.

The http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Election_Assistance_Commission looks to be little more than the Cartelization of the Voting system providers.

An abject disaster for an honest vote count, as all government programs have ever proven to be.

People must count votes, openly and transparently. Machines don't do honest, but what they are programmed to do.

Free includes debt-free!

that they are doing stuff and

that they are doing stuff and sucesfully covering it up( except for us of course ) doesn't mean that we are winning.. the logic is basically " they are breaking the law and are bad people so we will win because we are the good guys "

sadly it does not change our sittuation.

Yeah, and if "the man" is

Yeah, and if "the man" is able to rig things and make it seem like Romney is winning the popular vote, how much more are they going to rig it when Paul is up against Obama in the general election?