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More people rally for Ron at URI than vote for him in the whole state?

3462...that's the number of people who supposedly voted for Ron in the Rhode Island primary yesterday.

Didn't he have more than that in the gymnasium on the campus of URI last week?

Come on vote riggers, you've got to better than this. Your underwear is showing.

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If this voter fraud is real,

why the heck don't the Paul people set a trap and catch them red handed? This would blow the roof off the GOP. Seems easy enough to do. The hour is getting late.

alan laney

Our Primary is May 29th

What kind of trap do you suggest?


a couple thoughts...

Find a small precinct (just because it would be easier to count), and stay there all day to talk to everyone who comes out after voting. Get a list of all people who said they voted for Ron Paul. Compare the count afterward. If your list is longer than their count for him, then there's a piece of evidence. Get it on video, and make sure you have a way of contacting all his voters afterward. Maybe that's not allowed - I don't know - it's just a thought.

A better idea, given that some people here say it's a piece of cake to hack the machines and make them come out with any count they want, would be to actually hack a machine and make it spit out a ridiculous result - like 90% of the vote for Herman Cain. Do this to get their attention and make the point - then give them the real numbers. You'll probably end up in jail, but might have also called attention to security issues in the voting machines.

"Getting" 25%, when we probably had a win...

...doesn't set too well with me.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

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There were

more like 2000 people at URI and i would venture to guess that 50% of that number were either folks from MA or CT.. From the people i had talked to while at URI, many were from MA, including myself. Though, i dont doubt that there was voting fraud going on.

Fall River, Bristol County, Massachusetts

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Your right

Thousands more showed for Romney cause his base is so well organized and enthusiastic.its obviously reflected Inc the thousand that stop what their doing and go to the polls and vote for him. He is such inspiration......isn't that what you saying?

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I don't think so...I was there. it was more like 2500

My Fox Watching Uncle came with me and that's what he thought it was too at URI.

FWU mentioned on the day of the RI Primary that Mitt had a rally like Ron Paul too - he was so impressed. I have yet to see that rally. I wonder how much they had to stage the crowd?

Mitt and the GOP will be trying to copy everything that Ron Paul does so that when we get to the RNC they can say -see! he's just like Ron Paul.

OK...this has already been covered....

...but, 2500 at a rally should have translated to 10,000 at the polls.

We are talking about ONE rally.

The entire state (granted the smallest state) should have still blown away a rally.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

well yeah. But damn it was S-L-O-W at the polls

it was kind of frightening.

You have to remember that RI just elected an Independent - in name only - Governor with only something like "in the teens"% of the population voting because everyone is so sick of both parties in RI.


...again. That's why I know Ron Paul did better than 3400 votes!


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."



"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

OK...2000, 2500. or 3500...

...my point is still valid.

There is NO WAY Ron only got 25% of the vote in Rhode Island yesterday.

Absolutely NO WAY.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Even looking at the most superficial levels,

we have had eyewitness reports of GOP officials stating that Ron Paul must be stopped at all costs, and pulling every dirty stunt in the book to do it. And this was in more than one state too.
So many states,in fact, that it is obvious that the strategy to stop him comes from the National RNC, and is a fully coordinated effort.
There have been obvious vote rigging activities caught in Maine, and in Iowa, and Georgia, and Missouri, etc.

I would say that the reality of vote rigging in all the states, including in the primary voting is MUCH more probable, than the possibility of not rigging. This is simply because of all the evidence already seen, and the known corrupt nature of these "officials", adding up to the substantial probability of vote rigging in every state.

I know that the system is corrupt, and that we may not be able to fully overcome the corruption in the normal ways.
But we can retaliate. And we can make that retaliation very effective in costing some of the PTB their positions of power.

When the delegates are counted...

...and Romney doesn't have 1144, then the proverbial schitt will hit the fan.

I know at my county convention there was no way for the leadership to prevent us sweeping the delegate slots. There were just too many of us, and too many fair-minded Republicans, to let any shenanigans go down.

Totally fair.

But an electronic voting machine can be hacked without any local knowledge, and I don't put it past the Karl Roves of the world to do just that.

So Ron Paul brings out 10 times...

...as many people to his rallies as Willard, and yet we are supposed to believe Willard wipes his **** on election day by a margin of almost 3:1.

Pardon me if I remain skeptical.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Same Here


Alot of New England Folks @ URI

I met people from MA, CT and RI, I'm sure there were people from other states or countries if you consider the student base.

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Also: Primaries Have To Go!

Back on on Jan 3, 2008, I attended an old old fashioned kind of caucus in Jasper Co., Iowa. Different tables for each candidate in the same room(usually a large cafeteria or gymnasium in a school). This way, there is no way of denying the justice for a truely favorite candidate. All the facts, literature and a spokesperson for each candidate in one place on the caucus date.
This along with Dr. K's affidavit system for every "vote".
My state(Wisconsin) definitely needs to go from the primary system to the caucus and I will proclaim this to everyone.

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– Thomas Jefferson

I agree:

Local caucus
Public vote counting
Everything on video
In-state tally site with official representatives from each campaign.

No computerized voting machines
No secret tally locations
No private counting

And even then the delegate process must still be decoupled from the caucus results.

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Maybe eventually speaker > executive

Maybe eventually he will have more power as a speaker and fountainhead of ideas than an elected official.

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The entire process is tainted.

From the "Ron Paul will NOT win the GOP nomination," to the marginalization in debates and media coverage to the obviously rigged primaries to the shenanigans in the delegate selection. I have no problem with losing a fair fight; but I also have no problem with gutting the people responsible for rigging one.

Well said...


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


dbl posted

Just think of it this way

The media is prematurely calling the winner, rombama probably prematruely ejaculates too.

That works in our favor...

...if the vote isn't rigged.

Then again, it works in our favor because we get more people in as delegates.

Attempting to understand

and if I'm wrong, please correct me. Most of what we see from here on out are primary elections. In a State that has chosen to nominate via primary, delegates for the State will be bound to a candidate in one of two ways. Winner take all or proportionally. In states such as DE & CT they are winner take all. So unless you have the mass amount of money to go head to head, lose and not hurt your champaign, it's a gamble. This is what happened to Newt in FL. He gambled, lost and now cannot raise money to win in States that he possibly could have.

Dr Paul is not gambling with our money. The campaign spent money on media ads in RI because their delegates are awarded proportionally. The investment won us 4 delegates. Had this money been spent in DE & CT we would have earned nothing.

In some states...

...Delegates may abstain from the first vote. If a Paul supporter is bound to Romney, and abstains, it's like Romney didn't have that delegate, even though technically he did.

Even in a winner-take-all primary, many of the bound delegates will be Paul supporters, and ALL of them who legally can will abstain round one.

Not to mention the fact that Paul delegates will run roughshod over the GOP resolution commitee, passing Paul-esque planks and shifting the GOP platform way, WAY libertarian.

Bring lots of Kleenex to Tampa, there's gonna be tears.

The Campaign spent $10,000 on media ads in RI

The Campaign spent $10,000 on media ads in RI. The Grassroots should be credited with the bulk of RI's sucess. Supporters even bought our own billboard and Radio spots. We won a few delegates because our Grassroots and Youth for Ron Paul were diligent.

I do now understand the whole choice of ignoring us - especially last election. RI is tough. VERY TOUGH because it is a primary - not a caucus state. But we do get to send delegates proportionally based upon the presidential preference.

We were aiming for the 15% of the popular vote in order to get delegates. And we did it. So in that regard we succeeded! Would have like it to be more of course but 24% vs. the 6% last election is quite the improvement. AND for delegate tabulation purposes we get half of Gingrich and Santorum's votes so RI is above 30% for Ron Paul.


Real sad.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I wanted to reply to the dude on the rant

But it's gone?? He was out of his gord this morning and i really think we needed a group therapy session.

Oh well, can't save them all.......

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