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Mish: An Obama win in November Sets Up Rand Paul 2016

Should Obama win, Republicans will have the chance to get their heads screwed on straight and nominate a candidate with broad appeal to the center as opposed to broad appeal to the far right.

Rand Paul 2016 has a nice ring to it (assuming he has the common sense to stay away from war-mongering and abortion like his father Ron Paul).

However, Rand Paul (or if you prefer, NJ governor Chris Christie) will only be possible if Obama wins this election.

Thus, short of a miracle finish by Ron Paul, the actual best hope for a sensible Republican candidate who appeals to the middle and the independents just might be four more years of Obama.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock


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Rand would probably be better

Rand would probably be better than what we have, but his record isn't as clean or as long as his father's. He's shown that he's willing to play Washington games and supports actions to instigate war with Iran, which is why I won't be too enthusiastic about his candidacy (if he runs). I became a Ron Paul supporter due to his anti-war stance. I've since come to understand and support his entire philosophy, but the wars are still the biggest issue for me. Rand doesn't seem to share the non-interventionist philosophy so I'm hoping we have someone else to rally around in 2016.

Rand Paul is probably Obama lite

Too bad Rand never learned much from his father.

After Ron Paul there will be nothing.

Rand in '16? The "Mish" guy must feel like he has something to talk about.

Every 4 years AmeriKans have the opportunity to replace one dictator with another. The packaging changes but the program continues...and you and I aren't part of it.

Why are you on Daily Paul if

Why are you on Daily Paul if you think there is no hope in politics? If you don't even like Rand Paul, you might as well give up now.

Mish links to the Daily Paul

Mish links to the Daily Paul on his blog