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My trip to the polls- this is really a good one.

I "voted" yesterday.

First I had to GO to the polling place. And what did I see? Several Republican party types handing out stuff, the "vote for me" junk. You know how it is.

Anyway, for once I was in a good mood and decided to talk with the people. It was great, telling jokes and laughing. Man, when people want your vote they'll laugh at even the worst jokes!

The best one was a comment I made about McInsane running in 2008 and how THE PARTY had choosen a real loser. It didn't go over as I expected as they had to pause and think of who McIsane was.

Ok...so that's not so funny. So I went into the "inner sanctum" and they asked how I was, simple courtesy. I said, "I'm doin' REALLY well- that guy out there just gave me $100n to vote for him!" Boy, the jokes were really flying fast! Like judgement day, I had to sort of prove I was who I claimed to be. After the comment about me being Ron Paul I confessed to be who I am. The only problem was the signature on the voter registration paper they had wasn't mine. Now, it was the sheet provided by THE SYSTEM that all voters are on so some didn't forge it. They said that there had been several problems like that.

Ok...big deal.

Then I voted and handed the blessed paper to someone who tore off the bottom of the form. He said, "don't show me the ballot". I replied, "don't you want me to prove I voted for Ron Paul and his delegates". I asked if the tag they tore off the bottom of the ballot was for a free car raffle? Boy, that brought the house down, I'm tellin' you!

Finally, I was told to feed the ballot into THE MACHINE. I asked, "Is that thing really a shredder"?

Well, it was fun, fun, fun!!!

Vote early and often- that's my motto.

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Smart Ass

Love it.