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Busted! New York GOP Vice Chair Spreads Lie

Vincent Reda makes robo-calls claiming everyone but Romney has dropped out of the race. Is there no level these despicable frauds won't stoop to?



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GOP Crime Family's Execution

GOP Crime Family's Execution Attemps Are Failing

his contact info is below---I left a message saying he will

be targeted for nonrelection for his despicable behavior....

(518-462-2601) - www.nygop.org


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No one noticed this, and one wonders if anything will come of it.


Vincent "POS" Reda

Vincent "POS" Reda

He looks like he works for

He looks like he works for the Gambino family.

The neocons are democrats who want Obama

people need to wake up, lose the fear, and storm the GOP to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC with a Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I called my Brother

..who lives in Rockland Co.
Alerted him to the skulduggery and told him to
be sure and vote (he was borderline RP support).

See my comments re:
Hassidic-Republican Machine.
..in Orange County...and no doubt in Rockland County also.

I did get a robocall from RP2012 urging me to vote.
Probably due to my numerous moneybomb donations.

What Cong District is Rockland?
Is it 19th or 22nd ??
Feedback apreciated, thanks!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

If Ron Paul doesn't win the

If Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination, then I will enjoy watching Obama tear Romney to shreds. I will enjoy watching the GOP get slaughtered, as they marginalized and suppressed the only chance at a presidency they had - Ron Paul.

In that case, I'd rather watch Ron tear Obama and Romney

to shreds in an independent bid for the Presidency. Killing two birds of a feather with one stone, to mix a metaphor or two.