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► New Free Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul Vs Mitt Romney Made For The Texas Primary

New Free Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul Vs Mitt Romney Made For The Texas Primary


Make a push with these for the last 5 days to register to vote!!!

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Can someone edit out the top left to say 7am to 7pm and not and which some might find confusing.

Also since April 30th is over please remove:

"Register to vote by April by 30" (top left) and the "Register here:" (middle)


sorry about that "and" error

sorry about that "and" error guys. my bad. Anyone is free to edit these as they feel would be best for their particular situation

when we get these out to the conservative GOP base

then we will plant a seed for our victory.

I mean they are free to print. When we manage to distribute them all over Texas then we are in for a win.. How could we not?

Clean and simple arguments!
No one who is conservative can vote for Romney after reading..

great stuff, I think we

great stuff, I think we should maybe put something about the collapse of the dollar in there. I think if people knew what was about to happen they would be more open.

Anyone is free to edit these.

Anyone is free to edit these. I do as many versions as I can, but can't get to everyone's request.

Anything yet on Spanish translation?

Thanks for all your work Janice!

change it up and post it here

change it up and post it here: www.dailypaul.com/229005/texas-emergency

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Can this be updated to say Santorum & Gingrich are out?

I live in Texas. I think a lot of voters will end up voting for Gingrich or Santorum if we don't shove it down their throat that there is only two choices! If we can make people chose between the two then we're totally set.

In my mind this is what I see happening at the polls:
Voter looks at the ballot and says "Ummmmm, Romney...I don't really want to vote for that guy....hey!, I recognize that Santorum name. I'm pretty sure he sounded like a bright Christian!...And, Fox didn't tell me not to vote for him either." End of story.

They can be, but I'm going to

They can be, but I'm going to abstain from doing so myself because I have a bunch of stuff on my plate. All downloads can be saved and edited so anyone should feel free to edit them as they so choose.

I hope this can be a STICKY!

The irony is that Mitt's positions keep changing, so DP users may have to share and print out new versions as time goes on with friends, family, locally, and through social media.

You did a good job on this.

i hear ya. I hope no one feel

i hear ya. I hope no one feel obligated to print out new ones if they feel the ones they have best suit their situation. I just put out a california one too. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0oRX5D16N4XZG1US2UwM3ZLNTQ/...




FTW! in Texas!

... common we need to flood the country with these...


Agreed! We are gaining momentum.





Thanks, Ron,

for keeping this thread alive.

yes needs to be bumped daily!

please help with this. and provide a link whenever it is suitable.


I thought you had some comparison sheets?


link to the comparison sheet posts whenever it makes sense to inform others in other threads about them.
Many have nothing at hand and can print out these flyers for free within a minute.