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Ron Paul - Challenge Mitt Romney to a debate

I've been wondering why now with only two candidates left (has Newt dropped out?) why Ron Paul doesn't publicly challenge Mitt Romney to a debate and make a big deal out of it. He could challenge him in each state that has yet to vote.

My reasoning is this - if Mitt accepts (unlikely), everyone gets to finally see a debate where RP isn't stashed off in a corner getting few questions and/or ridiculous questions. RP would crush him. If Mitt doesn't accept, he comes off as a coward with something to hide. It's a win-win for Dr. Paul.

Also, in doing so he dispels the rumors that he's dropped out or is no longer "in the race". If Mitt says, "we've had enough debates already", the response would be to emphasize that prior debates focused on the state issues of the state(s) that were about to vote, and these other states that have yet to vote deserve the same attention and respect that the prior states received.

And, finally, in doing so he could also dispel the rumors that he and Mitt have some kind of secret arrangement such that RP hasn't taken Mitt head-on as he did the other candidates. Why, now, with only the two of them remaining, does he continue to avoid challenging Mitt as he challenged the others?