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RonPaulRecount.Com: (doesn't exist quite yet)

After the primaries on Apr 24, I am 100% convinced there is fraud in the voting machines. And I think its time we prove it.

I just registered the domain ronpaulrecount.com, and I will start building a simple site today to allow us to perform a recount of all of the elections in ALL of the states.

The basic idea is, we get all of the RP supporters to go to the site, and make a "verbal" statement as to how they voted. We tally up the score. In places where it is noticeably wrong (meaning we have significantly more people claiming to have voted for the good doctor than what the official results say), we email those people, tell them that there is a discrepancy and we are ready to prove it, but we need them to send a notarized statement.

We can get this rolling on the places (like in new york) where the voter turnout was small, and the RP turn out was large ... but the polls claim otherwise. Once we have a few that are really obvious, we can push it a step further.

I know someone has already started a website for a full blown, certified recount, but I think it asks too much of the user, and it wont get enough feedback to show there is a problem. We need a less demanding website where we can scope out the problems BEFORE we ask the voters to go find a notary and fill out official forms and stuff.

I'm hoping we can clear up the votes all the way back to Iowa....

Here is what I need from y'all:
I'll hack together a basic (ugly but functional) version of the site, and I'll post a link to it in the next couple of days. I need some people to use it and give be feedback.

I'll need some people willing to find and fill in names of counties from each state, and what sort of voting area hierarchy your state has (down to the precinct) What are the names of each level, etc.

I'll need some people willing to hunt down the "official" vote count in your area (by candidate), and fill those in.

Most of all, once we get the site up to snuff, I'll need a way to get everyone who has ever voted for Ron Paul (2012) to go report that fact on the site so we can compare it to the official count.

Also, I need general feedback and ideas from anyone who is interested.

Update -- 26 Apr 2012

I have a rough draft of a site up available for feedback. It doesn't yet DO anything. It doesn't send the email, it doesn't record any submissions. it does NOTHING. It is also quite ugly, because at this stage there are more important things for me to worry about.

What I need is feedback. Feedback on the message, the wording, the order that things are presented, links I could put on the bottom to demonstrate the problem. Ideas. Thoughts.

Anyway, check it out here.... http://test.ronpaulrecount.com

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Great idea

but why don't you try to get the help of Bev Harris, she has been fighting this voter fraud for over ten years. She can probably give some answers on how to best attack the system at the weakest point.

She already said Ron Paul is getting a raw deal.


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count the vote

there must be a list of registered voters who showed up to vote. get it and knock on some doors.

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Are you volunteering to go see if such a thing exists in your precinct?

Because sooner or later, we are going to have to find out what the official numbers were at a very granular level. The more we know about getting details like that, the more likely we will be able to get something accomplished once we have some real data.

I would suggest

that people video their vote with their phone. I would imagine that there is so much blatant fraud with a handful of people videoing their vote and uploading it to you tube we will find out very quickly that there are more videos of the votes than there are counted votes.

It's not a bad idea, but it's fundamentally flawed.

And for a simple reason. PENETRATION of the market. You are basically counting on the people to know about your efforts and that these voters will magically find your site and respond. In reality, only a few people (mainly the active dailypaul visitors) will become aware of this effort and in the end, your numbers will always be (a lot) lower than the real number of people who have voted.

Not that I think it's a wholly bad idea. But you need to do more to ensure proper penetration. It will be near impossible to get proper penetration for past primaries. You can only do it from this day forward.You can only do it, if you work in conjunction with the Paul campaign. What must be done, is that Paul must deal out your website link to everyone who visits one of his ralleys and request them PERSONALLY to visit that site in order to find out who voted and who did not. That would ENSURE that enough people responded to the effort.


I totally agree

And I think, if we start the ball rolling, we can get there.

First, we need to have a site, make sure it is totally useable, and collecting the sort of thing that will be needed.

Then, we start drumming up the REAL action.

Luckily, the RP vote are interested in stuff like this, we have a better shot at hunting people down who voted for RP, then say... Romney. At least the RP group is out hunting the web for ways to help.

i'd be willing to

find and fill in t he counties from each state. I'm not sure how to get in touch with you though, and don't want to put my email in this post.

my email

the email I will be using for this site is
brent.larsen at ronpaulrecount.com

feel free to interact with me there.
the email address is live, but I'm not set up to monitor it more frequently then every few hours.


Not a bad idea!

recounts just feed attorneys....

and yield little results if any. There are better ways to spend your time and money. Just ask the Granny Warriors.

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There is no need to get Attorneys involved.

All we have to do is build the case. If we can build the case in multiple precincts that the official numbers are wrong (not just wrong, but wrong enough to show intentional fraud), THEN we can worry about how to proceed.

Its not about fixing the results of the nomination process. Its about making sure they know that we know what is really going on, and that we can prove it. Its also about making sure that we have a chance to fix the voting process before November. If the voting really is rigged, we've got to do something about it.

Try a New Experience - “THINK”

Try a New Experience - “THINK”

[1] Think - Is there one legally verifiable way to make sure my vote is counted.
Answer- _________________________________________________________
[2] Think - What are my voting options?
Answer- _________________________________________________________
[3] Think - Which of my voting options is easiest to verify?
Answer- _________________________________________________________
[4] Think - What would be required to verify my vote?
Answer- _________________________________________________________
[5] Think - How would I acquire what is needed to verify my vote?
Answer- _________________________________________________________
[6] Think - Will this action guarantee that my vote should be counted?
Answer- _________________________________________________________

If you do not know the Answer to the above questions, then it is time to Try a New Experience - THINK

Respectfully yours,

Free-Idaho - Lets Keep it That Way

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Glad you registered this

We are working on precisely this, now. We'll work together. And, yes, we should reconstruct the vote and quickly.

The only sourness will be the look on the face of these crooks, once they are caught!!

just email me, anyone, who wants to help, including you programmers, who are offering help. I'll put you right to the skye and email page of the current programmer.

Is the idea to shame the GOP?

Is the idea to shame the GOP? Or those senior citizens manning the polling places?

The problem is, it won't work for Ron Paul supporters to try and prove fraud, because it will just sound like sour grapes, that is, if it even gets any press at all.

Is the goal to prove fraud in court? This contest won't be won in court.

The consequences, so far, of cheating in these convention cases has been that the people responsible step down or are replaced. That's a good outcome.

Delegates can vote to change the bylaws of the GOP in their state to discount or ignore the popular vote altogether, and simply vote in convention for the nominee.

It would be a big mistake to ask the government (or courts) to step in and tell the GOP (a private organization) to change a result, besides being much too late.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Its not about shame

Its about eliminating electronic voting machines.

If the voting machines are indeed fraudulent, we need to know that and get some action before November.

I don't think there is a problem with the little old ladies that count the vote. If little old ladies were counting the vote, it would be accurate. The problem I see is in places where machines count the vote and report something else.

There is no reason to attempt to go public unless we have a strong case that voting in America is rigged. If we do have the data to show that, then its time to act now ... before November. hopefully before California votes in their primary.

OH, almost forgot...l

A BUMP! To get this thing kicked off!


Please see this:


I think this idea is great, and since both of you have the same idea and goal, I think it would be even better to combine your efforts for the best outcome. These guys are flooded and are asking for help, so I really thing it would work out perfectly! They have already said they welcome constructive critism, and are new at it, having trouble especially in the zoning/location area, you would be a true asset, and I think be given plenty of room to add your Ideas.

Thanks for all your hard work, and taking ACTION instead of just TALKING:-)

competing currencies

I think its worthwhile to have two separate efforts here. Not from a "who's better" type of competition, but more from a multiple perspectives point of view. Any flaws in either system can be reconciled by the other.

I read that post yesterday, and was fairly happy with the overall idea, but last night at 2 or 3 in the morning, it occurred to me that they were asking too much of the people who are being counted, so their count will likely end up being underestimated.

I think it will be way better to first count, and then ask people to put forth the effort to certify the count in the areas where we can see the effort will be worth it.


I instructed the programmer two days ago to make the option, immediately, to register the vote. People all over this thread have posted these votes. It must be a functional electronic "exit poll": update, it does that, now.

It's fine to build the other site, if need be. Or, better yet, everyone work together to make one site do it all.

Thanks Matt

I am just going nuts over this idea! I can't wait to get some results. Judging from just your work on YouTube, I know you have the ability to make this thing happen!