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Only 14 Primaries left, but 26 State Conventions are still coming. Let's clean up that delegate count shall we?


Yes, there are State Conventions rolling on into July. While we have probably all been caught up a bit on early Primary results, we need to remember that the true delegate count has not yet been determined yet.

Gingrich is done... just a matter of time now.

May 8th is the next stretch, but unlike the good showing for Santorum & Gingrich in yesterday's primaries, absentee ballots are most likely going to be much less positive for them in Indiana, North Carolina, & West Virginia. More people know now (rather than 2 weeks ago when many probably sent in their absentee ballots early) that Santorum is out, and Gingrich is 5 million in debt, and has been hinting at dropping out more every day.

So, by all means, the race SHOULD be all about Ron Paul 'We the People' vs. Mitt Romney 'GOP establishment'. What we have all been waiting for. Of course we know that in the MSM, there will be more news about when Gingrich drops out, than there ever will be about Ron Paul continuing on with his campaign, but for those of us that do know, I think May could be a very good month for Ron Paul.

With only 14 states left though, we've come this far. I would love to know how much the Ron Paul campaign would estimate for the costs of 'Lightly campaigning' or 'Heavily campaigning' in these remaining states. We are doing well with the State Conventions, but it would still be great to get some primary wins to go along with the momentum we will be receiving from the conventions.

Where should the bar be set for the next Money Bomb? Do we want to go hard after every primary now? Do we want to just go hard at states that divide the delegates based on performance, seeing that the stakes are in fact high for beating Romney in any more primaries? (Basically, make the push in states where Ron Paul has the best chance at at least a few delegates.) What is the plan for a big final push on these last 14 states?