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Light turnouts are a gift! Will we open it?

The reports of empty polling places and overall light turnout numbers across the northeast should be grabbing our attention, folks! Ramp up those GOTV activities and demonstrate who still has an interest in this race! If other voters want to lie down and nap, we should be the ones guzzling our Jolt Colas and taking advantage.

Find those supporters and get them out.

Likewise, all those GOP delegate selection activities are getting sluggish. Wouldn't you like to attend Tampa, no matter who you are pledged to? To be in Tampa, on the convention floor, adding your energy to the Ron Paul surge? Voting for him on your second ballot? Go do it!

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We Have a Small Hurdle

The small hurdle is the party loyalist duty-bound voters: the ones who vote every time, for the "annointed" candidate of the GOP. They're small, but powerful because everyone else stays home.

It takes extra effort to get everyone else out to vote, but if your state hasn't voted, start a list of people who are elegible and willing, and then CALL them the night before and again election day, and get them to the polls.

Tell them you have a goal of getting a 1% increase in Ron Paul's vote--something you can measure...

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I think the hurdle is lethargy

I think the hurdle is our own supporters lethargy, more than those GOP regulars. They aren't so many - we see their numbers in these light turnouts. Not so many. We can match them if we are determined to do it. We have those numbers too, but only if we are fired up and motivated to push ourselves. So let's push!

I'm voting for Peace.

With such light turnouts

A person stationed at the precinct should be able to hand out a card with information on how to register their vote. If everyone who votes for Paul at that precinct registers, we can prove fraud.

Huge Waste of Time and Energy

This campaign will NEVER be won in court.

Case in point, Obama's birth certificate issue.

You should be there with a Ron Paul sign and a smile on your face, so people know he's running. A list of delegates, if applicable in your state, too.

Call everyone you know and ask them, as a personal favor to you, to vote for Ron Paul. After all, do they really think their vote will be the tie-breaker?

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