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I have been inspired.

I have been inspired. The establishment hold is slipping. The GOP is being taken over by patriots. A swarm of Ron Paul delegates at each state convention sending neocon senators back to a primary, and out of office.

A campaigning machine, selecting and thrusting the most moral, ethical and likeminded people into office at every level of government. Each one of you willing to sacrifice time, energy and self to mold the world into our image rather than accept the corruption you are inheriting.

Ron Paul stood alone for forty years, voted alone...gave speeches in front of several people, then dozens, hundreds...and now thousands. A movement that has touched the hearts and minds of so many. People that believe in individual responsibility, respect for their fellow man because he is human not simply because he is American, strength, integrity, and a will to do what is right over what is selfish.

Ron Paul is going to the convention in Tampa. So are his delegates, and they will set the path for the party's future. You can't bind our vote on that, you're all unbound and you all have honor.

The neocons are slipping, they lack the energy and enthusiasm to continue. I've learned that unyielding staying power in the face of any odds does not phase me, it encourages me to work harder, smarter. The GOP is being reformed and those who have found comfort at the expense of others will be replaced by Ron Paul supporters who find comfort in the service of others.

If you are losing hope, know that the GOP is changed forever. Ron Paul is going to the convention, and the infrastrucure of the party that disenfranchised you is being replaced. Every election at every level of government is being influenced by this movement, and you've taken the power to force the Neocon's out of office and take your party back.

I'm very proud of all of you, you've put light in a place that was dark.

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