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Rumors of the demise of Ron Paul‘s presidential campaign have been greatly exaggerated!

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Ron Paul, In It to Win It!

Rumors of the demise of Ron Paul‘s presidential campaign have been greatly exaggerated. Never lacking an “off-script” offering to complicate the mainstream media’s primary election narrative, the Texas Congressman says he’s in the race until Tampa. An objective observer would note that momentum is on Paul’s side. Not only are his stump speeches drawing record crowds, Paul is actually winning states. But is Ron Paul an “unelectable” party crasher, as his detractors claim, or does his fiscally conservative and socially libertarian movement have a realistic shot at victory this August?

“You know, when you put my name up against Obama, I can do better than Romney,” Paul boasted in a recent CNBC interview, citing this recent poll.

In that Rasmussen survey, Paul bested the current president in a head-to-head match up by one percentage point, while Romney tied Obama at 45 percent. When asked why his strong base of support hasn’t translated into a caucus straw poll or primary win, Paul reasoned: “Because sometimes they are independents and sometimes they are democrats and they feel pretty uncomfortable going to a republican primary.”

Sure, Paul just might have the wherewithal to siphon Independents and anti-war/civil libertarian Democrats away from Obama, maybe even enough to beat the incumbent, but what is more debatable is his ability to win over the support of his own party.

For Paul (and for those with a firm grasp of the Republican party’s delegate selection process), he has won a state, two states actually. Paul told CNBC that there is still a chance for first place delegate hauls in Maine, as well as Nevada.

Whether or not the Warren G. Harding strategy of going into a national party convention with the least amount of delegates and coming out with the nomination will work in this day and age, only time can tell. But that is exactly why its way too early for Republicans to crown Romney, say many Paul supporters.

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