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Bradley Manning: A Totalitarian Show Trial of State Secrecy

"As an attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and a legal adviser to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, I continue to attend Manning's hearings and can only describe them as a theater of the absurd: the trial involves numerous and lengthy off-the-record conferences, out of sight and hearing of the press and public, after which the judge provides an in-court summary that hardly satisfies standards of "open and public". Perhaps more remarkable is the refusal even to provide the defense with a pre-trial publicity order signed by the judge – an order that details what lawyers can and cannot reveal about the case. Yes, even the degree to which proceedings should be kept in secret is a secret, leaving the public and media chained in a Plato's Cave, able only to glimpse the shadows of reality."


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The Secrecy Sucks But...

I must say, that I support them condemning this man for what he did. The fact that they arent even putting the death penalty on the table for treason is astonishing enough.

It has been reported that he installed data-mining software on the Military Secret Network with the intent retrieve classified documents.

Let me try to educate those who are less informed. There are three "known" military networks (I say known... because anything else isnt publicized). The unclassified network, which ties directly into the regular internet that we all use. A separate Secret network, which has both unclassified and up to secret classification information on it. And finally the Top Secret network.

While there is a good amount of information contained on the secret network, anything that would reveal aliens in Nevada, or grand schemes of the government to commence NWO would only POSSIBLY be placed on the Top Secret network (if its on one of the three at all, even assuming such documents exist).

So this leads to the question what government secrets are contained on that level? Mostly things we dont want our enemies to know, as it would cause damage and harm to our troops fighting oversees and the integrity of the military itself. By releasing these documents he did way more harm than any possible good that would come from revealing these "secrets".

Tell me one thing which has been released by Manning which opens the flood gates on a big government scandal of epic proportions to validate the release of said documents to a FOREIGN COUNTRY!!! (yes its a foreign country that was turned over the documents... not even to the american people). And you want to talk about silencing the whistle-blowers? Yeah, when they release this information to another country, Im going to be a little pissed. When he potentially put american citizens in harms way. Some freedom fighter... getting americas military killed... thanks... way to go... some of my friends deaths are potentially the results of these actions...

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Bradley Manning Show Trial

Show trials are very useful to the PTB and are not primarily to determine innocence or guilt. The main purpose is as a propaganda tool to reinforce fear to those that may speak up, to demonize it's chosen enemies and to maintain a perception of the States legitimacy.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

An important topic. The arrest, detention

and trial are all for show. Again, the deeds of our government, done in our name, are not in our best interest and violate the basic natural rights of the accused.