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Phreedom! Embrace the Spirit!

I sensed Ron Paul's energy the first time i watched a video of him speak. But to stand there and look into his eyes for the first time, and to see that he is just a man just like me, not only that but an old and gentle man, so full of love and life, with the passion to fight for the ones he loves, and the country full of people he loves. He fights not just for his countrymen though, but for humanity too. His body may be old, but his spirit is what i felt that day, i could physically feel it, the warmth and love, that made the bitter cold rain seem like a cool refreshing shower. It was like there was aura around him, full of peace and compassion, that further opened my heart.

On April 22nd I rolled out of bed and drove to a train station, boarded a train into the city, walked to a gathering of people protesting outside the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, then we marched on the streets of philly and on to independence hall where our founding fathers also gathered more than 200 years ago. they too faced bitter weather and resentment from their countrymen, but they endured, they endured for themselves, and others who would not fight for themselves. I made this journey, to hear a man, to see a man, to support a man, that i believe in. i started this journey alone, But i walked away finding a man in myself to believe in, because Ron Paul is just a man like me, a human being just like you and me, who does not wish to be worshiped, he does not wish to be a leader in which we follow, but he wishes to empower all of us with leadership. To find within ourselves; the strength and spirit; the compassion and love, that we all cherish so much in Ron Paul, and to embrace it. To Embrace it within ourselves, to embrace it within each other, for together, Not Only is our Spirit Strong, Our Spirit is Free!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts

Very uplifting and well stated!

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.