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23,983 Less Votes For Rp In 2012 Pa Primary Than 2008?

(I thought Nevada was rediculous, until the Pennsylvania primary ):
Check out these numbers (CNN official results):
# of voters who voted for RP in Nevada:
2008: 6084 2012:6175 (+91 voters)
#of voters who voted for RP in Pennsylvania:
2008:129,323 2012: 105,340 (-23,983 voters)

I was going to post more anomolies, but Ron Paul has consistently doubled his support in the vast majority of primary and caucus states. The campaign should be up in arms for the GOP telling them that after all of the activism and new registrations, they lost 23, 983 voters this cycle. The 129, 323 who voted in 2008 for RP did not need to reregister and knowing many RP supporters, I know that the excitement was much heavier in 2012 than 2008.


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Countable, Recountable, Physical Evidence!

That's what we need. Nothing could be more fundamental to elections than an honest and accurate count of the votes.

Back in 2000-1, electronic voting machines were "sold" to the public as a response to the nonsense in Florida. Of course the real goal, whether the nonsense in Florida was real or hoked-up, was to make elections totally manipulable.

Joe Stalin said that elections are not determined by the voters, they are determined by the vote counters. Now with Diebold, et al, elections are predetermined and pre-programmed whenever and wherever the PTB desire.

Until this is corrected, and ALL balloting is done by some means that is non-programmable, countable, re-countable physical evidence, we will have dishonest results.

When we get results as in NV and PA (I lived in PA, the officials there are generally totally corrupt), when election fraud is programmable and easily accomplished, election fraud is the most likely explanation. It would be good to "prove" that fraud, but that is why the PTB love electronic voting - the re-count is as easily manipulated as the original.

To not suspect election fraud by the officials at this point is purely stupid and naive.

We'll never know either way.

'Might have been the real turnout. 'Might have been fake. My guess is, both legitimate and fake elections are happening in America all the time. We know as much about the details, looking in from the outside, as we could know about any crime ring.

It is simple..In 2008, it was

It is simple..In 2008, it was a 2 man race. In 2012, it was a 3 1/2 man race since you can't ignore Santorum in Pennsylvania.

Also...turnout in general is always going to be greater in years where both parties are holding primaries due to a lame duck president, than in ones like2012 where the Republicans are running against an incumbent.

Using your logic, if ron Paul were to run again in 2016, and got a lot fewer votes in Virginia, you would call that proof of fraud, ignoring the fact that it was a 2 man race this year.

2? or 3-1/2?

Nor is it clear to what logic you refer.

He makes a simple point. Obvious there are fewer votes for RP in NV and PA this year compared to 2008.

He also states that support for Paul in general has doubled in 4 years. I think that is very conservative, simply from the poll numbers and our local and state results. That it was a "3-1/2 man race", IOW who got the remainder of the votes, is not relevant.

RP support is spreading, and to say that it is 3 to 4 times what it was 4 years ago, is closer to the truth.

He has a point, and fraud is the most likely explanation. Unless you trust the govt and both parties, which I don't; I've seen them lie and cheat many times on many issues.

When are we going to get some...

...criminal complaints, Congressional hearings...whatever?


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the grassroots paul supporters need to get to the delegate caucus and not pay attention to this beauty contest BS

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

The "beauty contests" sure as

The "beauty contests" sure as shit matter when the delegates are BOUND in relation to them.

Focusing on caucuses is NOT going to keep Romney under 1144. It is not going to keep him under 1500 even.

It Works In Paul's Favor...

...when they steal from him. It angers his supporters to be disenfranchised.

Angry people show up at county conventions.

Angry people volunteer as delegates.

Angry people change the rules at the state level.

Anger we can work with. Apathy... not so much.

I was significantly underwhelmed

by the turnout of voters in my District 4. I handed out delegate cards at 3 different polls in York, PA and I was surprised to never ONCE see someone with a Ron Paul bumper sticker on their car, hat, t-shirt, etc. I was expecting a lot more to show up, thinking the Romney voters would consider it in the bag and not show. Instead I was discouraged to see a slow trickle of retired grandparents all day who were likely to vote for who the Old News told them to vote for. Voter turnout was atrocious.

I'm not convinced the polls were rigged, at least in my district, for that reason. With that said, we simply have to have Ron Paul elected. I'm not giving up my fight for liberty and am at least glad I could open the eyes of some family and friends along the way!

were you at the polls 4 years ago?

It sounds like you are comparing your experience to your expectations which may not have been realistic. I wouldn't advise drawing a conclusion based on such subjective info, especially compared to the analysis of the OP.


you are pathetic

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!

Shut your hole Romney licker.


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Massive fraud

George Carlin was right.

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Hey Guys! Check this out!


An Awesome Idea! Lets get this started!

Ron Paul hackers?

Are there any Ron Paul sympathizers with mad computering skillz who can get into that computer program and find proof that it's rigged? Or, better yet, get in before the next set of states and undo the algorithm stuff?

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

You shouldn't cry "it was

You shouldn't cry "it was rigged!" with no proof every time you don't like the results.. Its like the boy who cried wolf. They won't take us seriously when there actually was fraud like in Maine and it makes us look bad.

Where did the OP cry "it was rigged"??

I think what you meant to say is "don't point out obvious anomalies, just shut up and be a good slave".

I work with #'s. When you see a huge anomaly that doesn't make sense, you dig further to explain why. For people that understand #'s, these elections are a huge joke. not necessarily because there are anomalies, they do exist, but because a) there are so many impacting RP negatively, and b) because the establishment doesn't care to acknowledge, let alone address them.

Sorry, but...

...When Ron Paul gets fewer votes in 2012 than he got in 2008, that's fraud.

The proof will be when he takes far more delegates at the convention than his "popular" vote would have allowed for.

NOT fraud...just plain common

NOT fraud...just plain common sense to anyone with a brain who realizes that a 2 man race in 2008 versus a 4 man race in 2012 is NO comparison.

But again..you are one of those Texas people who disagrees with science.

Common Sense?


RP's support has tripled to quadrupled, in fact, as counted by the number of people supporting him. It does not matter how many, or who, the other candidates are.

FACT: His supporters have at least tripled.

Your "logic" is bizarre and irrelevant. But what should anyone expect, given that you are obviously an establishment TROLL.

The votes are being flipped

electronically, when a vote is registered for Paul, rombama is programed to receive 2 or more. Notice the high #'s of rombama's totals. Especially in RI. We need to take the ballot counting away from the gop, rnc, and the dnc. they are not trustworthy enough to be in control of this.

"Romney" please

Let's not alienate Blue Republicans with hybrid names like Rombama. We need their votes a lot and RP has a strong support from the Democrat demographics.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Fuck Romney


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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

correct me if i'm wrong

correct me if i'm wrong because i didn't participate in 2008. But didn't Ron Paul Drop out of the race in 2008 before the PA primary? and didn't those roughly 130,000 people have to write in his name, because it wasn't on the ballot? If 130,000 supported Ron Paul enough to drive out to a polling station and write his name in even though he wasn't running in 2008, only to drag their heals four years later when his name is ACTUALLY on the ballot and he's still campaigning, then i would have to conclude they were being held at gun point.... or the voting machines are rigged.. I'd assume there wasn't as much an effort in 2008 to rig the vote since he wasn't running, so we got a more accurate count in that election. my 2 cents

No...everyone ELSE did. That

No...everyone ELSE did. That is why he got so many more last time than this year. IT was a 2 man race last year and a 4 mane race this year. Yes...4 since Santorum still got more votes even though he suspended his campaign.

Actually No

Ron Paul didn't end his campaign - he was in it to the convention. Where, of course, they didn't let him speak or let his staff have credentials. That is why we had the "Rally for the Republic" next door.

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i stand corrected. Thank you

i stand corrected. Thank you for the info. They'll have a hard time keeping him out of the convention this time around, as it seems to be a two man race now.

The Overall 2012 PA vote was lower Than 2008

Based on my memory, it seems that there was a team of very dedicated people who got Ron Paul on the ballot for 2008. It was NOT a write-in. Also, Santorum was not on the ballot last time. Even though Santorum lost his final Senate election in PA, he still had many supporters yesterday causing Ron Paul to lose a lot of the anti-Romney vote.

So far, the only thing that can be proven is that the media acted as if RP did not exist and only allowed his name to be used when it was associated with a negative comment. In addtion, the establishment groups and at least one Tea Party group supported Romney.

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There's no such thing...

as an ex-Ron Paul supporter! Ergo - it's rigged.

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