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BBC wants to know what people think about the GOP primaries. Let's tell them.

BBC asks:

"Are you affected by issues covered in this story? Will you be voting in the US presidential election? Send us your comments and experiences using the form below."

The article is 4/25 on Gingrich suspending his campaign. No mention of Ron Paul.


Please post your opinion pieces, after you sent them to BBC, in these comments. This way your writing will not get lost in translation and we will have them all here for others to read. Thank you.

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What real journalist in their...

right mind would willfully turn a blind eye to what will be ether..)a the largest political revolution of our time, or,)b..the birth of a new and fearsome police state, and perpetual war? Because this is plainly the ONLY choice the American people face.
All mainstream media, yes you too BBC, have kept to a rehearsed script, with a known out come, without doing an ounce of REAL journalism into the farce that is the American Presidential Elections.
Why haven't you?
Shame on you for selling out to The Powers that Be.

what I just sent to BBC

"I will be voting for Ron Paul in California June 5 primaries. I switched my registration to Republican earlier this month when applying for renewal of driving licence. I previously voted always for Democrats and once for the Libertarian Party. I consider myself a progressive and libertarian. I vote for Ron Paul because he addresses issues that no other candidates dare to talk about: http://shar.es/rTA9z The MSM do not talk about them either.

So I am upset that, like ALL American MSM, your article does not even make a mention of Ron Paul who still is in the race – IN IT TO WIN IT. Gingrich's leaving certainly will affect Ron Paul chances in the race especially in the primaries in TX and CA.

The GOP delegate count is far from done, not as you present it. Moreover after the final recount Ron Paul is now THE WINNER in at least two states: Iowa and Minnesota!! Here is the sole coverage that MSM did of this by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on 4/23. Have fun watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfS1x5RnZZQ One of Rachel's best. I would expect BBC to cover such dramatic changes in the Elections 2012 USA as well. They matter. If you do not do it, Americans will not.

Already on 4/24 MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell covering the 5 state primary showed pictures of three candidates: Santorum, Gingrich and Romney. No picture of Ron Paul – while Santorum is NOT in the race anymore. Such omissions of Ron Paul’s photo or name were routine in all major stations in the last months and make for a major political scandal – including last night. Not a word. How would you as reporter explain it? This video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGAxidJaNEA does a good job about such "honest mis-takes" by the media and gives you some idea what an average American voter KNOWS about who the candidates are in the GOP2012, and yes their voting follows."

Ron Paul ... forever.


the coverage has been abysmal, gross distortion, innuendo and lies. the real story is about the courage and consistency of Ron Paul, the only Republican candidate that can beat obama. the GOP, media blackout of reality has made this nomination difficult but we are not quitting. not now, not ever. Romney can not win, a vote for him is a waste- especially since he stands for nothing.