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Is anyone sick of the pandering?

Maybe 'pandering' is too strong of a word, but it feels like we've constantly packaged our message throughout this campaign to make it more available to tow-the-line Republicans.


1. Drug War - Emphasis was placed on states' rights and shrinking the federal government instead of the liberty of the individual to do what they please to their own body.

2. Israel - Emphasis was placed on restoring Israel's sovereignty over the fact that Israel is NOT America, and it's borderline treasonous to give them as much clout as we do.

3. Gold/Silver Standard - Using trite examples like the $0.10 gallon of gas (when commodity values truly fluctuate) instead of emphasizing how such a standard would truly stabilize the economy and allow for prosperity.

4. Support of the Troops - Like the Gold standard, the massive support of our troops was not untrue...but we never strongly pointed out the immorality of shifting our military's strength from defending our liberties to imperialistic endeavors.

I honestly feel like Ron Paul represents more than just the message he delivers. He represents believability. You can listen to him and know he isn't BSing you. Maybe this type of politicking is needed to form coalitions and to be successful in campaigns (it worked for Rand), but I can't help but feel we may have turned people off by muddying the message.


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IT isn't pandering...it is

IT isn't pandering...it is just that in many of these, Ron Paul disagrees with you.

No...the campaign message is the same for years...

Now you may be expressing your views based on the false notion that Romney has beaten Ron Paul. The facts are clear and right out in the open and that is that the elections are were rigged to give Romney an apparent edge.

The GOP in Iowa, in New Hampshire, in Maine, etc has been proven to be rigged in favor of the Romney/goldman/sachs groups who own the GOP and much of the Democrat Machine.

Romney and the GOP are thieves. It is that simple. America's political climate is a sham. It matters not what the GOP/Democrats think, say or do...many of us are voting for President Paul no matter what. Thank you for an interesting message, however.

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I disagree.

If there is pandering (and I'm not sure there is), I would say the place where Ron panders is to the college, pot-smoking crowd directly, which is the opposite of what you're saying. Haven't you heard his speeches on college campuses? He candidly says over and over people ought to be able to do what they want with their money and their own bodies. Now if he's on a T.V. show, he modifies that approach...

Aside from that, I respectfully disagree that the other things you mentioned are pandering. I don't understand your distinction on #2. I think sovereignty is the key.

The silver dime example is far from "trite," as you put it. In fact, that was one of his best moves. It was epic. You really prefer the usual monotonous stuff over holding up the silver dime? Well, again, he's on record with volumes of that, so I don't know where you're missing it...

Finally, I don't understand the point about the troops. He has said repeatedly that we should keep an army for defense purposes only, and get out of all the other nations' affairs. This post is what is muddy. Please clarify if you have a point.

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Well, the campaign had better start pandering to

the older crowd for a change. These college rallies are wonderful but, Ron Paul must start speaking directly to seniors about Social Security and Medicare, etc. He must place emphasis on exactly how bringing the troops home and how getting out of countries abroad will replenish the funds that the politicians and con artists stole from the national pot.

He's got the college vote. Those rallies would make great PR on TV, IF they would cover them. But, they won't. Better to get the message of freedom and sound money to the older generations now. Why pander to the group you already have, when you can have smaller groups listening (finally!) and get some more votes added in there? People in senior communites love to talk.... Give them something positive to talk about!

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"it feels like we've constantly packaged our message throughout this campaign to make it more available to tow-the-line Republicans."

Well...isn't that the point? Yes, I know this is bigger than Ron Paul, etc. but if we're trying to get the man in office, it only stands to reason that we try and find the best way to 'sell' Constitutional ideas to rank and file GOP people.

Take your point about Israel, for example. Try wording it that way while talking to a group of evangelicals and you'll turn them off immediately-- and perhaps for good (even if it is the plain truth). I agree that it's borderline treasonous to always put Israel first, but the average American will call you a Nazi and/or anti-"semite" for it --the usual stuff whenever it's brought up, and the person you're trying to talk with will have likely tuned you out. So, why not talk to them in *their* language, if it helps achieve *your* goal?

Just as tyranny has been incrementalized, so must liberty. Most people are only comfortable taking baby steps when it comes to changing their worldview, and will retreat if another comes on too strong, or even words something 'incorrectly' It sucks, and it's illogical, but it's also how it usually goes.

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I agree 100%