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This is the perfect message

This is the perfect message for Texas ! ! ! 155 delegates AND the possibility to make it winner take all at the state convention! With turnout expected to be VERY low, just a few extra votes can really make a difference! If your in Texas, let's DO THIS! A Paul win in Texas will get us the national recognition and MOMENTUM moving forward! Turn out, turn out, turn out the VOTE! If we can do this in Texas, Paul CAN win California and with those two states, we WIN! I suggest hit church parking lots with flyers contrasting Paul and Romney's abortion stances, include a list of evangelicals supporting Paul, and how Paul is positive toward Israel because he wants to give them their independence. There's still a lot of anti-Romney sentiment in Texas!

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I did it! I got off the DP

and put Super Brochures on my neighbors doors. I put my younger two in the double stroller and my 4 year old walked and we canvased the neighborhood. I've never been politically active before. I've got more to do today. See ya!

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Now this is constructive competition


Free Market Competition

Our product is better, faster, and oh so much more bang ber buck. Let's see the crony Romney battle in a real free market against the real free market candidate!

It worked in my County

5 of 6 that went to the State convention were Paul supporters. That didn't happen here in '08. Get out there!

Let's do this!!!

The difference between winning and losing is getting off the couch or computer chair and doing it!!

I know I'm speaking to the coir a little but lets put together another wave! Build on recent wins in Iowa, Minnesota. And once. Let the public know, WE ACTUALLY WON!!! Not who the media is reporting.

This movement, can not be stopped, by anyone or anything other than the ones who know and do nothing.

This is our time. This is an opportunity, with the likes of which we may not see again for a wile, we need to take advantage of it and seize the moment!!!

Love & Peace

Don't stop believing

It should be Paul Vs. Obama...

let's stop wasting time and money on this whole GOP wetdream. It ain't gonna happen. Third party now or we might as well just go home.

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Thank you!

Your post really uplifted me, and I really like the song you linked!

I'm gonna try to get to So. San Francisco Friday evening to help kick off the Norcal campaign office, and definitely get busy in my neighborhood.

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Vey true. Thanks for the pep

Vey true. Thanks for the pep talk!

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine