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Where were all the young people? Mostly 30-60 yr. olds at convention

Went to my county convention in Travis County Saturday so we could try to pick delegates--ended up voting for precinct caucus....anyway, there were a few young RP supporters, but most were well past 30. What's up with that? Is it like this all over? If so, maybe Ron Paul should focus on a little bit older demographic.

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Perhaps your weren't listening

The Ron Paul Young People are there ... more so after the caucuses and primaries are over then during . Remember , these caucuses and primaries are simply Beauty Contests . The state GOP's distribute the delegates by the vote percentages . BUT AFTER the caucus and/or Primaries are over and the process then begins in placing a real person into a delegate position , then that's where the support is . If you haven't seen as you called it , the " young people " , then maybe you went home after the caucus/primary was over ?

support among mature adults in polls

I follow the GE match ups in polls - and I was also surprised that Ron Paul gets most support from mature adults 30-65. Romney is best among the oldest above 65m and Obama leads the young.

I think it is the student loan issue.

will try to find my link.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Well, that's a good question, isn't it!

Where were they?

The same question was asked in Nevada, and also other places.
What's the deal?