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Ron Paul Powerhouse

Let's keep the eye on the prize. We were not expected to do well in Romney territory. But, look at the numbers. We are only growing. The media is starting to recognize our movement. We are about Dr. Paul and we are about a movement. We are not giving up on Dr. Paul and we are not giving up on the movement. The convention in Tampa is one goal but not the only goal. We can still get Dr. Paul the nomination. Don't be fooled by the media. But, keep in mind this is a long "slog" and we are laying the foundation for the future are well. Keep it up everyone. Lick your wounds from yesterday but keep it up and take pride in the work we are doing. Now, stop the chatter, get phone banking, get canvassing, get donating, get going. Go Ron Paul.


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We Can Not Count The Vast Army Of Ron Paul Supporters

Like Rudy Julie Annie said last election cycle : " The Ron Paul people are everywhere."

I wonder if Julieannie ever read those books Ron Paul sent him..

Rudy got some "BLOWBACK" after that debate....Ha!


Dr. Paul's speech "If" is probably my favorite of all his speeches. Even though I am sure there was massive vote fraud, fortunately we still have a chance for him to win the G.O.P. nomination. But this chance involves our part of the "if". It is time to move into warp speed and do more and fight vote fraud. I saw the Google district break down of last Tuesday's vote. I hate to say it showed that Romney won every district. Even though I know there is fraud, I have to admit this is depressing. You can't make me believe there were 4,300 people standing in the rain in Philadelphia and Dr. Paul could
not win a district! I hate to say it, there are some up coming elections where vote fraud will make a big difference.
I have a possible somewhat archaic solution. Get a volunteer to use two of those take a number rolls you see for long line government offices. Only those with voter receipts can take a number and get their receipt punched and it would be good to be able to use a security camera. We probably couldn't get enough volunteers for a majority of precincts, so we should try it in large key districts. When we can prove the scams. We may get more people to help out in the next state.

Da Powa

Da Powa

I Still Have Great Hope

But this is the reality:

Up to now, Mitt has wanted us to Believe in America. As if everything were Just Fine, despite the massive debt, yearly deficits in excess of $1T, the cloaked recession, the wars giving rise to the potential for blowback, and general erosion of liberties in the name of 'public safety'. Now with Mitt's coronation as the presumptive nominee, the language has shifted to 'We Can Do Better'...presumably, than Obama, and with just a bit of Republican tweaking. All of which ignores the harsh reality underlying the thin veneer of paper money and false pride deluding us into thinking that things are as good as they ever were. That, frankly, is how Americans, a naive lot by and large, want to feel, and we don't want to be jolted out of our complacency...er, perennial optimism.

Ron's campaign has been about what is honestly required to restore our prosperity, our money, our respect in the world, and our pride - by taking the high road, without compromise or evading reality. He has been warning that we were on a slippery slope for decades, and Americans generally don't like a party pooper. The only thing that shakes us out of our doldrums is a real crisis. Sadly, when that does happen, of late we simply apply more of the same medicine that got us to the brink of crisis in the first place.

The reality is, IMHO, that only a true crisis will be enough to make Americans look a different way, for their leadership. My belief is that Obama, with the complicity of the Fed, will continue to paper over the recession until at least after the election. They have, for the moment and despite oil price increases, done enough to mask to all but the most observant, the inherent price inflation that the money-printing has fueled, in part by blaming 'greedy speculators'. Obama has stifled the Iran war drums for the moment - until they can be used to his clear advantage or until after the he cinches the election and dissent can be quelled. Again, as far as Obama is concerned...it's 'pop open another cold one and grab the remote', everything is Just Fine in America. Coupled with the notion that soaking the rich for more taxes will close that yearly trillion dollar deficit gap, Americans are taking the bait - hook, line and sinker.

Not that I wish for any one straw on that camel's back to be the one to break the malaise, but frankly in my view - that is the only thing that might cause the large majority of Americans to wake up to the light of day and see Ron Paul for the true leader that he is. The crack in the door edged a bit more closed over the passed days, sadly. I'd rather the crisis break sooner rather than later so that America can get a healthy dose of Ron's 'I told you so' - and he can get a legitimate shot at leading us out of this hole.

Our goal : The goal always was to acquire as many delegates

as we could get..No secret as to how he got it.

The Ron Paul grassroots outworks, out thinks, out performs the other candidates and WE never, ever give up..

"It doesn't take a majority to prevail. All it takes is a small tireless remnant, keen on setting brush fires in the minds of men.."

but, more than that, you first need a cause to believe in and our cause is the cause of liberty..

...the rEVOLution continues to Tampa and beyond...YEA BUDDY!

except in this "game" it DOES

except in this "game" it DOES take a majority to prevail. And someone other than Paul will have it.

Why Stop At All!!!

With the momentum Dr. Paul has, he could easily fill a stadium by the convention. He should just keep going, asking for donations at the door of any arenas in a large city and he could easily fill it.

If a rock band can fill an area, shouldn't the future President be able to? YES!!! People are just too pissed off at the status quo. Lies and more lies.

If he doesn't get the nomination, just keep going and it's all over for fakers.

The Romney and Obama show is too much like a puppet show, which it is.



Yes thank you I needed a slap to the face to regain focus on the final goal thanks.

Don't give Up Dan

I try to tell at least 1 person a day about Dr. Paul and if you can get them to listen to him, they get it. Heard a coworker at lunch listening to the A&M speech today and he was going home to show his wife. It's working!