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TSA screeners arrested for drug trafficking thru LAX

Two former and two current Transportation Security Administration employees have been arrested and indicted on drug conspiracy charges for allegedly allowing large amounts of cocaine and other drugs to pass through security screening at Los Angeles International Airport last year.

Seven people face drug-related charges in a 22-count indictment unsealed Wednesday in Los Angeles federal court.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/04/25/tsa-screeners-charged-i...

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Just because they are smuggling drugs by abusing their.....

.....authority does not mean TSA agents would abuse the right to fondle citizens. After all, everyone knows the average American citizen is nothing but a crazed terrorist waiting to commit violence and mayhem. I feel so much safer with a complete strangers hand down my pants.....wait, that does not sound right. I meant to say "how can I feel safe without someone touching my body against my will?". Nooooo, something still does not sound right. What could it be?

anyone else who

did it would be convicted of rape or molestation and given 15-30 years in prison