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The NY Primary Is Far From Over For Me As I Am Suspicious Of Vote-Counting-Machine Fraud!


I am a New York GOP member. Yesterday, I stood out in front of my poll center and campaigned for Ron Paul, people were very receptive and many voters (approximately 4 out of 10 that entered building) came over to me and told me that they voted for RP. This is very “inconsistent” with the election results reported by the media.

I called NYS board of elections and they told me that they don’t have any results and they are still waiting for the results from the counties within NY State.

I asked the nice man speaking to me from NYS BOE, “So how did the media report the results in less then 5 minutes after the polls closed in NY?”

The man answered, “They have poll watchers that watch the counties, the counties post unofficial numbers on their websites”, he then gave me the phone number to the board of elections in Suffolk county (my county), and I called them and they referred me to this website for Suffolk County which posted the unofficial numbers: http://www.suffolkcountyny.gov/Departments/BoardofElections/...

I also called my county elections board and asked them for the results of me polling center where 4 ED’s (Election Districts Vote), the place that I witnessed from morning to night and had discussions with many voters.

The lady from my county elections board informed me that they are still in the process of putting together the official numbers and it would take weeks for my request to be met. They still have “NOT” incorporated the “absentee ballots” into the final tally. Do you think there are a lot of our “Troops” votes in there that support RP? And they have to re-affirm the machine counts.

I asked her if they count the paper ballots that people put into the machines and match the paper ballot choices with the machine count to verify that the “Machine” counted correctly.

She said, “No”.

I then said, “ If I look up look at the results from my 4 districts in a few weeks when they are available and it does not reflect what I witnessed that day after speaking to many people, may I count the paper ballots to see if the votes match what the machine counted?”

She said that would be a decision for the 2 commissioners within the county to decide, she then asked if I would like to speak to a commissioner, and I replied, “no”, as I might as well see if my polling centers results are in line with what I experienced, and it may be that my polling center legitimately produced results inconstant with the landslide victory or Romney in NY.

I will be calling my county elections board back in the next week for the final results and I think we should get all of our people in ever county to get on this. If I the results don’t line up with what I experienced in regards to the 4 districts that voted at my polling center, then I am going to be approaching the commissioners for a hand count of the paper ballots that were counted within the machines.

Attached is a short documentary on the risks of the machines being programmable by higher powers and invisible to the honest volunteers working the polls.


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Long Island results are here

You can look-up your district's results at this link http://politics.newsday.com/results/map/. I typed in my address and it turns out I was the only person out of fifteen that voted for Dr. Paul

There Certainly was Something Up..

..Since I spent my day visiting about a dozen
polling places, and noting an absence of people
approached the workers as to voter turnout.

Many were defensive, often suspicious, and when I
mentioned the two "chosen" RP Delegates they didn't
recognize the names.

I believe a large number of votes were hijacked
from those in senior centers and Nursing Homes,
possibly counted as absentee votes..just a hunch.

The GOP may have used scare-tactics on some to
secure the votes from these unfortunates.
How many Nursing homes are in your CD?
That may be a start.

BradyP might be a runaway from one of these.LOL!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

AT NO point did ANYONE in Ron

AT NO point did ANYONE in Ron Paul's campaign think that he had a chance in New York.

And "people came out and told me that they voted for Ron Paul" is one of the funniest attempts of "proof" I have ever heard. People are FUCKING with you. They basically just want you to shut the fuck up and stop bothering them. Because stupid shit like that HURTS Ron Paul's chances of picking up votes.

Hey Rombot

We are not a stupid as Mittens would have you think. Go back to romneycentral and tell the mods over there how you are at least allowed to attempt to make a point.

Good luck winning with out us. Ron Paul or none at all!!!

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My You've Been as Busy as a Beaver

..Haven't you? BradyP ???
In all of 3 hrs you've quite an array of replies...
..But...NO POSTS!
Either show some "gonads"..(testicles, to you,sonny)
Or take the cotton outta your ears...
And put it in your BIG FAT MOUTH !!
Class is over...now get lost!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


He's got gonads, they just happen to be someone else's stuffed in his mouth.

Ignore this troll

He just signed up 2 hours ago and has made several ignorant posts such as this one all over the site, he must have gotten stood up tonight. Just ignore him, and he will go away.

you need to find out....

the details of how to challenge an election in your state. Usually there is only a certain amount of time to file a challenge and request a recount. Sometimes it is very short like 5 days. So, you need to get prepared right now. There are also rules on who can challenge it and trigger a recount. There are also rules on who has to pay for it and who does it. So do some more research. I encourage you to follow up on this.

thanks for the report!


Not to be negative but RP is still blacklisted. thre will be no debate vs romney or obama. its romney vs obama to the sheeple of the country. Newt was staying in just to steal some of RP thunder. please think about this and do not take anything for granted. RP is still blacklisted and will get no debate or platform unless we force it. its up to us. do whatever you can. but dont expect any, i mean any favorable treament of RP or his supporters.take that to the bank.

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People on both...

...sides are seeing this huge issue of vote rigging and fraud.

Romney knows this is happening and actually feels bad. More so that he also knows he is just the fall guy patsy to take the dive for the obamanation.


I'm sure EVERYONE in the GOP

knows about the fraud, but how do you know that Romney actually KNOWS about this & feels bad about it? Has he said something regarding this? Can you specify? Thanks

the whole system is ridiculous

It was my first primary vote. They gave a paper ballot with 4 candidates and a dot next to each name. The other paper was a full page instruction sheet on how to fill in a dot... Can you imagine the look on my face as I sat down behind the privacy screen, and saw this?
Anyhow, after filling in the appropriate dot, I fed my ballot into what had to be a hundred thousand dollar machine parked in the middle of the room...shwoop! and it was gone.
Something seems inherently wrong this system, if you ask me.

I'm thinking we need a caucus system here in New York...one where the votes are cast and counted out in the open.


So I don't know if this is a viable option, but maybe we could give it a try?

I too believe that not as many people voted as the results say. Could web grab footage from traffic/security/streaming webcams and just count the people walking in and out of polling places? Again, not sure how we would do this, but that would be video proof. Or in the very least, set up hidden cameras outside place for the next primary.

Is there any way to find out

Is there any way to find out what the final vote counts were at the district level? The reason I ask is because I voted in Nassau County which has 21 districts. I voted just 2hrs before the polls closed and i was only the 20th person to vote. Then today I look at the vote totals and it appears that there were about 7,000 votes tallied in Nassau County. Im not saying that this is false, but what I am saying is its a little strange that my district finished with about 30 votes cast and apparently the other 20 supposedly had 6,970? Sounds fishy.

nothing to worry about

The other 20 districts no doubt must have had higher turnouts, all for Romney.

Thanks for your report

Massive fraud in Pennsylvania as well.

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