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Who Needs Super Brochures and Slim Jims

I have perhaps 100-150 Super Brochures and Slim Jims for an upcoming state. Let me know if you need some for your neighborhood, and I'll gladly mail you them for free. Just need your full name and mailing address.

Please send that info to me at: jfleck2112@hotmail.com.

Give me a couple of days to get them in the mail to you.

Warm Regards,

Joe in MD


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USMC Constitution Car wash

Come see ladies and gents in PT shorts and white tanks... Women wear doule ups... (Sorry guys) Where (Yuma AZ) ask for meetup links... We've already had 4 this year... RP goods... We need more.. Mind you We are Marines.. Anything outside off base on free time is okay... As long as we aren't dissingg the C&C or wearing our uniforms. My addy gysgt2u1 at ya and you know the rest.....

Materials Bump

Thank you. :)


Hey Joe, I am in California and could use them, I am passing material out to all my neighboring districts as well as my own, and the material will definitely get used. So far 5 cases of brochures and some tax cards, soon all you will see here is Ron Paul everywhere :)
If someone needs them more than I do send them to that person, but if not here is my info and thanks for helping the cause.

Anthony Elrod
1109 Gardenia Street
Lompoc, California

Try to get them to CA or TX

as those are key States and every little bit counts,thanks.

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