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Ron Paul for President - Anthem - by Vietnam Vet

Hey, check out this new music video. Ron Paul for President - Anthem - by Vietnam Vet, and former Homicide Detective, and of course "Sheena".

Just follow the link below to see it on YouTube:

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Just posted this...

...on another thread, but it goes here too.

Big thanks for this good brother and sister who have given for America. Bless you both for this beautimous original and thought filled song for Ron Paul and the growing freedom and liberty movement.

Re-posted for you dear Ones:

Another brother and sister for the cause of freedom and liberty uses their God given talents for the Ron Paul campaign. Stands strong up there with our good Major.

And what good works this is too! Give thanks folks for the awesome amounts of talents that are coming together like this for not only Ron Paul, but for the greater cause of America herself. Let us all DO our best in each and every little effort to save this country and the American way. Truly, Ron Paul is America's last chance.

We are a generous people, we are a intelligent people, we are a faithful people, we are a generally kind and giving people, remember? The world used to love us, remember? What can we each do to gain back that love? Stop going all over the world and killing for the war profiteers by chance?

Let us unite for the cause of our very lifestyles, each and every single one. The truth is we each, every single one, are integral and an important part of the whole picture here. Please do your best as these good Hearts above have, and spread the good words in these good works of real truth.

Big huge Blessings all around the House!



I wonder if it is available on itunes? Thx for sharing ;)

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