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Ron Paul Delegate Wins in Pennsylvania's 17th District

Delegate election results, in the Lehigh Valley's 15th and 17th districts (horribly gerrymandered in 2012 to encompass parts of several other counties) are below. The highlight is Anthony Antonello, specified by the Ron Paul campaign, won a seat in Tampa as a delegate in the 17th district. Ron Paul delegates were all defeated in the 15th district. On the alternate delegate side, Chris Donatelli won in the 15th district and Greg Sheeler possibly won in the 17th since the top two finishers were elected as delegates. Results are with 99% reported, compiled from the various county results on the official state website here. So in these two congressional districts, the Paul campaign took 1 of 6 possible delegate seats, and 2 of 6 alternate delegate positions.

See article here for more info

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