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Spain For Ron Paul

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From the DP to Spain

Thanks and keep up the fight against Central Banking. We know the European Central Bank Summit will take place in Barcelona soon.

Be safe! We are all in this together against the Banksters.




There are not enough positive

There are not enough positive adjectives to justly describe what I just watched.


The REVOLution is world wide!!!!

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."


... unbelievable...

Plano TX

For some reason this made me

For some reason this made me more emotional than our own rallies?

maybe it works

better in Spanish somehow.

I was in Spain when 9.11 happened and stopped through
Madrid when I was leaving the country about a month and
a half later and happened across a big demonstration against
war in Afghanistan and (IIRC) Iraq.

Very similar location and vibe (but a with lot more people) to this
video. A reminder of how far astray things have gone, but also
about how we haven't lost as long as people have the will to
keep fighting.

Great, inspirational contribution.

Viva la Republica!


This was very good to see. Proof Freedom really does bring people together.

I am Mexican

I am Mexican/American and I am a RP supporter. This man is my hero. This man is America's Moses and he will deliver the citizens from the bondage of the Federal reserve and the tyrants trying to hold on to the power they will soon lose. I truly believe G-d has heard the cries of the American people, the cries of innocent Iraqi and Libyan children being slaughtered by the evil we now face. I believe RP is one of G-d's messengers. It truly is an amazing time as we will all be witness to G-d imposing His will through the voice of one courageous man.

You will see..

Compassion not greed,

Crash N Burn


I Am Touched by Your Post - A Great Summary About

Ron Paul, a courageous man. Could not agree with you more!!


Thanks Saxgroovez

That was passionate and I am glad you posted it. Hope more will see this video and read your comment!

Question: You play sax? My husband is a musician.


Ron vs. Che'

The new symbol of global r3voLution?

"Would you send your sons and daughters to die for nation building?"
"Would you be willing to go further into debt to China for this?"

reedr3v's picture

Yes, a symbol of real r3VOLution instead

of the authoritarians so beloved of ignorant pretend rebels.

Phenomenal...EVERY One Should See This

There are people all over the world waking up to Dr. Paul and revering him and us for...courage while lambasting our mass media.

Foreign Policy under Ron Paul? Perish the thought but if we had a Global Government nobody but Ron Paul could unite the people and nobody but Ron Paul would work for liberty for all.


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Ron Pauls Message Brings Hope Worldwide!

Thanks for posting.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Wish all Hispanics and Latinos

...could see this. There are those in Spain who get Dr. Paul...totally and they are passionate. The world wants hope and an end to the lies and the elite controllers of the Matrix. Folks are unplugging...folks are unplugging.

I have way more in common with the man speaking from Spain than the comotose here.




"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Thank You Spain

....and on the UTUBE one comment was "I can't wait to start using the phrase President Paul" ...and I am from Japan.

He's the hope..the the hope..of the world.

BUMP for visibility. And, post Thanks on the UTube.


I am in

(but not from) Japan.

They could sure use some RP Liberty mojo around here...