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14 FREE Large RonPaul2012.com Banners

Email sent to me by Chelene Nightingale -
Californians please contact Dan or Alicia to accept the offer:

Dan@wachollywood.org ,


Thanks for this article on Obama. Keep them coming.

We have a very urgent request that is rather simple. Since you have a lot of spirited connections to Californians that support the kind of Constitutional freedom and liberty Ron Paul represents, can you help us find individuals that will accept a totally FREE RonPaul2012.com banner???

They are 18 feet long and 3 feet wide, very light weight, very durable, and FREE.

Our group made an extra 14 of these banners. We wanted to just give them to local university and college students. Well, we have run into a brick wall. YouForPaul just emailed me and does not help in any way to give away any material that is NOT "official campaign material".

The huge banners just say:


That is Ron Paul's official campaign web site. But, they don't like anything that does not come from the campaign itself.

Can you help? Do you have any spirited freedom and liberty loving Californians that would like such a FREE banner??? Here is the web site we made for the banner:


You'll see pictures of the banner we make there. With only 4 weeks left, I'm very worried we may have wasted much time and effort to make an extra 14 banners. We will drive them to where ever you can find someone that wants to display one with some regularity over the next 4 weeks.

Thanks so much for whatever connections you can help us make to give away a totally FREE banner. Each banner comes with very light weight plastic poles attached to each end making it easy to hold up. Remind anyone interested that the California Constitution is special. It expands freedom of speech like no other state in the nation. Any area that is open to the public, regardless if it is private property, is a free speech area where people can hold up signs, banners, and hand out materials. I can send you the California Civil code and the land mark Pruneyard case which proves this.

Again, thanks for your help in advance.

Dan@wachollywood.org ,

UPDATE from Dan:

I think people would be interested in seeing how our banners came into being.  And, the story is not yet over. 

I'm going to see if I can get members to postal mail, FedEX, or UPS the banners to the Ron Paul Festival the weekend of the convention in Tampa. 

A gift from California to Ron Paul.  I believe I can get at least half of them shipped to enthusiastic Paulers for the festival.  That's over a dozen massive, colorful RonPaul2012.com banners at the festival. 

They will get noticed BIG TIME.  With all the live streaming videos and camcorders, those banners will make a HUGE statement for American Liberty, grass roots style.  It's obvious upon close inspection, they are all hand painted, hand crafted.  Even a couple of CHP officers that hassled us once were very impressed when they took a look at our banners close up.  They knew they were hand made. 

In one great video made by a young video guru at NBC Studios, you can hear my voice in parts, especially the end:

"There are 2 things you can see from space on Earth.  The Great Wall of China, and these Ron Paul banners ....  (my laughter) ... "


No one would ever do such a thing for Romney or Obama, or even Rand Paul for that matter, especially now. I like Tom Wood's comments about no one even considering the thought of hugging Obama or Romney.  But, they can imagine hugging Ron Paul. 

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