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How Good It Feels – The Last Five Days Have Been Amazing for Ron Paul’s Campaign

How Good It Feels – The Last Five Days Have Been Amazing for Ron Paul’s Campaign

I must offer my congratulations to the activists in the liberty movement and in Ron Paul’s campaign, because many months, and arguably years of work are starting to bear fruit in the presidential selection process. These last five days have been outstanding.

In Mitt Romney’s backyard Tuesday night, we kicked butt against a man who has long been the presumed nominee and has a budget that at least doubles our own. Five states had their primaries – Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. Here are a few aspects of Tuesday that put a smile on my face:

We Beat 2008 Results

  • In Rhode Island 7% in 2008 v. 24% in 2012,
  • Delaware 4% in 2008 v. 11% in 2012,
  • New York 6% in 2008 v. 15% in 2012, and
  • Connecticut 4% in 2008 v. 13% in 2012.

We Beat the Expectations

  • Pennsylvania Real Clear Politics from April has us in single digits, we nearly doubled with 13%.
  • New York in early April we were expected 11%. We got 15%.

As a political analyst recently pointed out to me: “[Paul's campaign] always beat the polls, and almost always doubles, triples, or quadruples results from 2008. Those are the trends from [his] campaign that do not change.”

The Delegate Race Matters, Not the Popular Vote
There are two contests that take place in an election – the narrative of electability and the delegate count. While it’s nice to pat ourselves on the back for increasing in popular vote totals, that delegate count (wisely) is the focus of Ron Paul’s campaign. It is the delegates who choose the next Republican nominee.

Ron Paul picked up a quarter of the delegates available in Rhode Island on Tuesday and also received an estimated 25% of the pledged delegates from the Pennsylvania primary.

Professor Josh Putnam of Davidson College shared what he calls a “rough, rough delegate count” from Pennsylvania as primary results were being calculated. He lists 16 or 17 delegates as “uncommitted/unconfirmed,” and divvies up the other 19 or 20 delegates among the campaigns as follows: Romney 7 (35%), Paul 5 (25%), Gingrich 4 (20%) and Santorum 3 or 4 (20%)…

In what is a multistep process, that started with Tuesday’s loophole primary, Pennsylvania will send a total of 72 delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida in late August. Tuesday, a total of 59 delegates were chosen in Pennsylvania, but the allegiance of many of those delegates is difficult to identify.

We essentially did better that we were predicted to have done in the Northeastern U.S. Tuesday and continued to rack up delegates with our strategy of showing up to the RNC rich in delegates and as the viable conservative alternative.

How The Independent Vote is Important
Some of the best news from this weekend for me is further verification that we are the only campaign that can beat Obama. We are the only campaign to inspire independents.

We see that motivated independents will vote for Ron Paul – they will support him over Mitt Romney from now until August and they will support Ron Paul over Barack Obama from now until November. For many years it is that independent swing vote that has determined elections. We decisively win that swing vote.

Additionally, while the Democratic Party advertises that because of the young vote, Barack Obama will beat Mitt Romney hands down, we know that it is exactly the young voters disenfranchised by Obama’s first term policies that will make it Ron Paul who beats Barack Obama hands down. Ron Paul divides the political dichotomy in a new way and offers the marginalized civil libertarians and anti-war movement a candidate that shares their views.

This Weekend Was Even Better
Other big news become clear this weekend, as we were shown that Ron Paul will influence Iowa for at least a generation. Additionally, Ron Paul supporters have proven themselves very influential in Iowa – relatively youthful, dedicated, Republicans have taken the Iowa Republican Party by storm, making it likely that Ron Paul will not just be a force in Iowa’s 2012 national delegation, but will be a force in Iowa for at least a generation. Through persistent hard work, the perennial first state in the nation to vote has become strongly influenced by Ron Paul.

Other big news came this weekend – Ron Paul dominated Minnesota. In Minnesota this Saturday, the Congressional District Conventions were completed. They had been held over the last few weekends. Ron Paul finished those conventions with 83% of the available delegates. This has been a grossly overlooked story. Ron Paul won Minnesota this weekend. There are still more state level delegates to be chosen in Minnesota, but due to his success in the Congressional District Conventions, Ron Paul has guaranteed himself 50% of the 40 delegates who will come from Minnesota.

Victories Ahead
As long as we can continue these results, these results are good enough results to get our delegations on the floor of the RNC and to have us standing as a strong alternative to Mitt Romney, a candidate that has been widely rejected by Republicans. Even among those who have now cast ballots for him, Mitt Romney has been viewed as something of a bland overboiled vegetable that must be consumed before leaving the dinner table to go on to other business. We can do better than that. We offer an alternative. In a world where we make ourselves the media, we can reach out and do a better job.

If you are eager to volunteer in other states, be sure to look ahead in the process by reading fact-filled websites like The Green Papers or FHQ, because the vast potential of grassroots members of our campaign can be focused on those endeavors to make them more successful.

Keep an eye on any contest in the South, where many voters have yet to decide how Santorum/Gingrich leaving the race affects them. Keep an eye out for calls for help like this one and even if your primary or caucus has passed and the process is completed, get involved locally to take over your party, if you feel interested enough to make a commitment. The GOP is usually so shorthanded in many states that they take any volunteer that comes along.

Our candidate is fantastic, our message of freedom is fantastic, and no matter how loudly the media shouts, we, through contact with our social precincts, those people we know, can overcome the media. We can become the media. We can make 2012 a year that will long be remembered – the kind of year in politics that men will find themselves accursed for having missed, the kind of year that stories will long be told about. Welcome to 2012, the year that we made ourselves the media, the year that we made ourselves the Republican Party. The year that we pushed to see our esteemed champion of the Constitution elected President, the year that we inspired the Great Debate in America, the year that we began to see how good it feels to win in our battle to retake our country.

Allan Stevo is author of How to Win America for Ron Paul and the Cause of Freedom in 2012.

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You know what was great about your post?

Is that you posted it a week ago back when everyone on the main page was bagging on Ron Paul's progress, strategy, and any hope.

In fact you posted this right at the height of a mini-troll invasion and downtrodden posts filling the main. This post had stuck in my mind during that period. So thanks.

For those who feel bad about the PA outcome..

Keep in mind we got almost exactly the same number of delegates/alternates as we did in 2008, only this time there was NO help from the campaign AT ALL. What we accomplished, we accomplished entirely on our own.

and remember PA delegates are unbound...

so even if they support Romney now, there is time to win them over.

Identify the non-Paul PA delegates and let's get to work!

Ron Paul 2012


You are an honorable man. We need to keep our chins up and keep on slogging. This is going to be a DIFFICULT win. Victory is never assured not even for Romney.

Let us take Tampa and then the White House.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
Follow me on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/Burning_Sirius

Stevo 3rd Party Loser

Stevo's last blog had "3rd party loser" in the headline. I did an analysis of that headline searching on DuckDuckGo (no search bias) and it was, and remains all over the internet. "RP ... 3RD Party Loser" In fact, the only post for Ron Paul third party from the DP was that article. Go ahead, search on DuckDuckGo
"Ro_ Pa-l" "Third Party Loser"
and find out.

Congratulations Stevo. Good thinking. It will be there forever!

I 2nd that emotion

... and I strongly urge Dr. Ron Paul to prepare an ironclad third-party option by taking Zak Carter's idea and getting multiple nominations from multiple third parties ( with the exception of phony Americans Elect - which is a fraud and a dead-end ). I suggest we take the GOP like a hurricane from now 'til Tampa. Then if the crooks who pull the Republican puppet-strings try any funny business whatsoever at that point Dr. Paul calls a huge press conference ( inviting ONLY solid alternative media reporters and NO lame-stream media whores ) and announce a pre-planned 50-state third party bid. Paul & Ventura 2012. My 2 cents.

So you think we could win

So you think we could win having a guy that says "9/11 was an inside job" everywhere he goes on our ticket. Interesting.

people are hungry

... for the truth. People are also interested in politicians with the balls to really investigate the crime of the century rather than sweep the contradictions and thousands of unanswered questions under the rug while funding a total police state lockdown with the drones overhead and the FEMA camps below.

Bill Clinton's blow job investigation: $140 million

September 11th investigation: $3 million

People need to listen to this

Thank you Stevo.
I wrote the RP campaign last night and asked some questions that Stevo has answered here. Some of the questions and statements I sent to the RP campaign were these:

1. "What can RP supporters do besides give money?" - Many of us are talented, creative, and thinking individuals who can contribute immense amounts of energy to the campaign.

2. "Can we help delegate potentials in other states?" - With very little money, some of us can print and send materials, brochures, flyers, make phone calls or whatever they need to win their districts. Some people are not comfortable with just giving money, never knowing where it's going. What can we do to help the grassroots movement AT the grassroots level in states where elections are still to be held?

3. "Where is the website with the official, checked-out, and authentic delegate potentials?" - We need names because we want to help these people. Make this list available to everyone who has donated to the RP campaign up until now. No newbies. This will keep the Romney crowd from infiltrating going forward.

For every involved supporter of the RP campaign, there are 100 that don't know what to do. Help us help you.

Whenever there is a yoke of oppression on a generation, someone will always rise up to destroy it.

Those of you who know

For all of those who know the Lord....Pray without ceasing!
There is no power on earth that is greater than prayer!
Help us O Lord, and hear our cry!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~