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S.1813 -Big Brother In Your Car

Remember the legislation introduced by Barbara Boxer (S. 1813) that would strip US citizens of their passports and right to travel if they don't pay their taxes? http://www.dailypaul.com/225117/they-want-to-build-a-fence-t...

Thought this legislation was onerous enough? US citizens would be barred from travel by the IRS while the INS would allow illegal aliens to come and and go as they please and to receive benefits when then arrive :-(

A further look at Barbara Boxer's legislation S.1813 reveals that new cars starting in 2015 will be required to come with "black boxes" that will record all data (conversations, driving habits, radio station preferences, distances, speed etc).

This article contains the black box portion of S.1813 and also shows a photo of one of these nasty black boxes.


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Would the Black Box have covered Mitt Romeny's dog's movements

Would the Black Box have covered Mitt Romeny's dog's movements on the roof?

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Big Brother in your HOUSE

If they can get away with it in your car, why not your house?

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a downside to Ron Paul running for President

is he is not present in congress to give speeches against and to vote against bills like this

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a further reading of S.1813 reveals

they can suspend gun rights too if taxes are not paid


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someone should read these bills

perhaps congressmen and women?
perhaps the press might actually investigate something and REPORT rather than distort and repeat party talking points

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Where in the constitution does it authorize that citizens buy

health insurance?

IF you don't read bills and don't consider their constitutionality are you doing your job and upholding your oath?

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MSM notes-Senate Highway Bill includes BIG BROTHER provision


Odd that this bill passed in mid March and we barely heard about the stripping citizens of their passports if they don't pay the IRS and now its taken this long to discover the black box provision.

I guess you really have to "read the bill to find out what's in it"

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"When in the Course of human

"When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another.."

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is.......

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to ... remain silent.

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Here's another of Thomas Jefferson's quotes

Periodic revolution, “at least once every 20 years,” was “a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

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and another

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.

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Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions

Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.

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S1813 passed the Senate on March 14 2012

Here is the legislative history

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These anti liberty, anti privacy provisions

keep coming "fast and Furious"

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