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Check out this Yahoo "article"

Colbert Raises More Than PAC Backing Ron Paul


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People Aren't Donating to Paul's PAC because

they don't really use the money as wisely as Dr. Paul. People feel more confident sending his campaign the money because if you read that article in Politico a few weeks back, it shows how the Paul camp counts every penny of the money spent. $1.00 for a toll booth, $1.50 for doughnuts, etc.

Yahoo needs to be corrected!

This lie must be retracted "Colbert Super PAC out-fundraises Ron Paul".. This title is misleading. If they wish to state a Ron Paul PAC is bested not Ron Paul that's different. Just the money bombs for Ron Paul proves the Headline is a lie! RP people w/Facebook you know what to do. The level of Yahoo against RP is appalling.

Ron Paul 2012

edit: The search leading to the article is what's misleading. Here's what it says; "Colbert Super PAC out-fundraises Ron Paul ABC OTUS News", found at news.yahoo.com.