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1,200-plus in El Paso for Ron Paul - with pics

"On Wednesday, more than 1,200 voters in Texas gathered to see Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speak. The 12-term congressman from Texas had announced a few days prior that his campaign team would be focusing in Texas, his home state, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Dr. Paul's campaign events consistently pack the house, flood the streets, and fill stadiums.

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul attracted an impressive 1,200-plus supporters and undecided voters tonight at his University of Texas at El Paso town hall meeting.

Ron Paul’s UTEP town hall meeting was held at 7:00 p.m. MT at the university’s Magoffin Auditorium, located on Hawthorne Street in El Paso, TX 79968. At the event, Dr. Paul discussed his platform of constitutionally-limited government, the restoration of economic and civil liberties, and provisions of his path-breaking ‘Plan to Restore America.’

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